Anita Roth-Nebelsick
Anita Roth-Nebelsick
Curator for Palaeobotany, State Museum of Natural History, Stuttgart, Germany
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Evolution and function of leaf venation architecture: a review
A Roth-Nebelsick, D Uhl, V Mosbrugger, H Kerp
Annals of Botany 87 (5), 553-566, 2001
Leaf surface structures enable the endemic Namib desert grass Stipagrostis sabulicola to irrigate itself with fog water
A Roth-Nebelsick, M Ebner, T Miranda, V Gottschalk, D Voigt, S Gorb, ...
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M Ebner, T Miranda, A Roth-Nebelsick
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Computer-based studies of diffusion through stomata of different architecture
A Roth-Nebelsick
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Leaf pubescence as a possibility to increase water use efficiency by promoting condensation
W Konrad, J Burkhardt, M Ebner, A Roth‐Nebelsick
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Changes in atmospheric CO2 concentrations and climate from the Late Eocene to Early Miocene: palaeobotanical reconstruction based on fossil floras from Saxony, Germany
A Roth-Nebelsick, T Utescher, V Mosbrugger, L Diester-Haass, H Walther
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 205 (1-2), 43-67, 2004
Stomatal crypts have small effects on transpiration: a numerical model analysis
A Roth-Nebelsick, F Hassiotou, EJ Veneklaas
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Computer‐based analysis of steady‐state and transient heat transfer of small‐sized leaves by free and mixed convection
A Roth‐Nebelsick
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W Konrad, A Roth-Nebelsick
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Stomatal encryption by epicuticular waxes as a plastic trait modifying gas exchange in a Mediterranean evergreen species (Quercus coccifera L.)
Plant, Cell & Environment 36 (3), 579-589, 2013
The Randeck Maar: Palaeoenvironment and habitat differentiation of a Miocene lacustrine system
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Reconstruction of atmospheric CO2 during the early middle Eocene by application of a gas exchange model to fossil plants from the Messel Formation, Germany
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Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 309 (3-4), 383-391, 2011
Xylem functioning, dysfunction and repair: a physical perspective and implications for phloem transport
W Konrad, G Katul, A Roth-Nebelsick, KH Jensen
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Latitudinal variation in morphological traits of the genus Pinus and its relation to environmental and phylogenetic signals
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Reconstructing atmospheric carbon dioxide with stomata: possibilities and limitations of a botanical pCO2-sensor
A Roth-Nebelsick
Trees 19, 251-265, 2005
Leaf surface wettability and implications for drop shedding and evaporation from forest canopies
W Konrad, M Ebner, C Traiser, A Roth-Nebelsick
Pure and Applied Geophysics 169, 835-845, 2012
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