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Highly tunable low-threshold optical parametric oscillation in radially poled whispering gallery resonators
T Beckmann, H Linnenbank, H Steigerwald, B Sturman, D Haertle, K Buse, ...
Physical review letters 106 (14), 143903, 2011
Three‐wave mixing in whispering gallery resonators
I Breunig
Laser & Photonics Reviews 10 (4), 569-587, 2016
Cascaded second-order optical nonlinearities in on-chip micro rings
R Wolf, I Breunig, H Zappe, K Buse
Optics express 25 (24), 29927-29933, 2017
Comparative study on three highly sensitive absorption measurement techniques characterizing lithium niobate over its entire transparent spectral range
M Leidinger, S Fieberg, N Waasem, F Kühnemann, K Buse, I Breunig
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Continuous-wave optical parametric oscillators: recent developments and prospects
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R Wolf, Y Jia, S Bonaus, CS Werner, SJ Herr, I Breunig, K Buse, H Zappe
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Whispering gallery modes at the rim of an axisymmetric optical resonator: Analytical versus numerical description and comparison with experiment
I Breunig, B Sturman, F Sedlmeir, HGL Schwefel, K Buse
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O Beyer, I Breunig, F Kalkum, K Buse
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Large and accessible conductivity of charged domain walls in lithium niobate
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J Kiessling, R Sowade, I Breunig, K Buse, V Dierolf
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Modeling of X‐ray‐Induced Refractive Index Changes in Poly (methyl methacrylate)
B Andreas, I Breunig, K Buse
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CS Werner, T Beckmann, K Buse, I Breunig
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B Sturman, I Breunig
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Frequency comb up- and down-conversion in synchronously driven χ(2) optical microresonators
SJ Herr, V Brasch, J Szabados, E Obrzud, Y Jia, S Lecomte, K Buse, ...
Optics letters 43 (23), 5745-5748, 2018
High power and spectral purity continuous-wave photonic THz source tunable from 1 to 4.5 THz for nonlinear molecular spectroscopy
J Kiessling, I Breunig, PG Schunemann, K Buse, KL Vodopyanov
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Influence of the pump threshold on the single-frequency output power of singly resonant optical parametric oscillators
R Sowade, I Breunig, J Kiessling, K Buse
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Scattering-loss reduction of ridge waveguides by sidewall polishing
R Wolf, I Breunig, H Zappe, K Buse
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Frequency comb generation via cascaded second-order nonlinearities in microresonators
J Szabados, DN Puzyrev, Y Minet, L Reis, K Buse, A Villois, DV Skryabin, ...
Physical Review Letters 124 (20), 203902, 2020
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