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Discovery and characterization of gut microbiota decarboxylases that can produce the neurotransmitter tryptamine
BB Williams, AH Van Benschoten, P Cimermancic, MS Donia, ...
Cell host & microbe 16 (4), 495-503, 2014
The tryptophan pathway is involved in the defense responses of rice against pathogenic infection via serotonin production
A Ishihara, Y Hashimoto, C Tanaka, JG Dubouzet, T Nakao, F Matsuda, ...
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Accumulation of hydroxycinnamic acid amides induced by pathogen infection and identification of agmatine coumaroyltransferase in Arabidopsis thaliana
A Muroi, A Ishihara, C Tanaka, A Ishizuka, J Takabayashi, H Miyoshi, ...
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Three genomes differentially contribute to the biosynthesis of benzoxazinones in hexaploid wheat
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HPLC analysis of serotonin, tryptamine, tyramine, and the hydroxycinnamic acid amides of serotonin and tyramine in food vegetables
D Ly, K Kang, JY Choi, A Ishihara, K Back, SG Lee
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Molecular characterization and chromosomal localization of cytochrome P450 genes involved in the biosynthesis of cyclic hydroxamic acids in hexaploid wheat
T Nomura, A Ishihara, H Imaishi, T Endo, H Ohkawa, H Iwamura
Molecular Genetics and Genomics 267, 210-217, 2002
Accumulation of HDMBOA-Glc is induced by biotic stresses prior to the release of MBOA in maize leaves
A Oikawa, A Ishihara, C Tanaka, N Mori, M Tsuda, H Iwamura
Phytochemistry 65 (22), 2995-3001, 2004
Metabolism of avenanthramide phytoalexins in oats
Y Okazaki, T Isobe, Y Iwata, T Matsukawa, F Matsuda, H Miyagawa, ...
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Rearrangement of the genes for the biosynthesis of benzoxazinones in the evolution of Triticeae species
T Nomura, A Ishihara, H Imaishi, H Ohkawa, TR Endo, H Iwamura
Planta 217, 776-782, 2003
Molecular characterization of a novel mycovirus in Alternaria alternata manifesting two-sided effects: Down-regulation of host growth and up-regulation of host plant pathogenicity
R Okada, S Ichinose, K Takeshita, S Urayama, T Fukuhara, K Komatsu, ...
Virology 519, 23-32, 2018
Purification and characterization of a hydroxamic acid glucoside β-glucosidase from wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) seedlings
M Sue, A Ishihara, H Iwamura
Planta 210, 432-438, 2000
Induction of Avenanthramides in Oat Leaves Inoculated with Crown Rust Fungus, Puccinia coronata f. sp. avenae
H Miyagawa, A Ishihara, T Nishimoto, T Ueno, S Mayama
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 59 (12), 2305-2306, 1995
Integrated metabolomic and transcriptomic analyses of high-tryptophan rice expressing a mutant anthranilate synthase alpha subunit
JG Dubouzet, A Ishihara, F Matsuda, H Miyagawa, H Iwata, K Wakasa
Journal of experimental botany 58 (12), 3309-3321, 2007
Analysis of the Involvement of Hydroxyanthranilate Hydroxycinnamoyltransferase and Caffeoyl-CoA 3-O-Methyltransferase in Phytoalexin Biosynthesis in Oat
Q Yang, H Xuan Trinh, S Imai, A Ishihara, L Zhang, H Nakayashiki, Y Tosa, ...
Molecular plant-microbe interactions 17 (1), 81-89, 2004
Induced accumulation of 2-hydroxy-4, 7-dimethoxy-1, 4-benzoxazin-3-one glucoside (HDMBOA-Glc) in maize leaves
A Oikawa, A Ishihara, M Hasegawa, O Kodama, H Iwamura
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Production of Coumaroylserotonin and Feruloylserotonin in Transgenic Rice Expressing Pepper Hydroxycinnamoyl-Coenzyme A:Serotonin N-(Hydroxycinnamoyl …
SM Jang, A Ishihara, K Back
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Purification and characterization of a β-glucosidase from rye (Secale cereale L.) seedlings
M Sue, A Ishihara, H Iwamura
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The ND1 subunit constructs the inhibitor binding domain in bovine heart mitochondrial complex I
M Murai, A Ishihara, T Nishioka, T Yagi, H Miyoshi
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Biosynthesis of oat avenanthramide phytoalexins
A Ishihara, Y Ohtsu, H Iwamura
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New dimeric compounds of avenanthramide phytoalexin in oats
Y Okazaki, A Ishizuka, A Ishihara, T Nishioka, H Iwamura
The Journal of organic chemistry 72 (10), 3830-3839, 2007
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