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The vinylogous Mukaiyama aldol reaction (VMAR) in natural product synthesis
M Kalesse, M Cordes, G Symkenberg, HH Lu
Natural Product Reports 31 (4), 563-594, 2014
The human cytomegalovirus UL51 protein is essential for viral genome cleavage-packaging and interacts with the terminase subunits pUL56 and pUL89
EM Borst, J Kleine-Albers, I Gabaev, M Babić, K Wagner, A Binz, ...
Journal of virology 87 (3), 1720-1732, 2013
Synthesis and pharmacology of proteasome inhibitors
A Rentsch, D Landsberg, T Brodmann, L Bülow, AK Girbig, M Kalesse
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (21), 5450-5488, 2013
Chivosazole A—elucidation of the absolute and relative configuration
D Janssen, D Albert, R Jansen, R Müller, M Kalesse
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 46 (26), 4898-4901, 2007
RNA polymerase motions during promoter melting
A Feklistov, B Bae, J Hauver, A Lass-Napiorkowska, M Kalesse, F Glaus, ...
Science 356 (6340), 863-866, 2017
The absolute configuration of rhizopodin and its inhibition of actin polymerization by dimerization
G Hagelueken, SC Albrecht, H Steinmetz, R Jansen, DW Heinz, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 48 (3), 595-598, 2009
Highly stereoselective aldol reactions in the total syntheses of complex natural products
T Brodmann, M Lorenz, R Schaeckel, S Simsek, M Kalesse
Synlett 2009 (02), 174-192, 2009
Pellasoren: Structure Elucidation, Biosynthesis, and Total Synthesis of a Cytotoxic Secondary Metabolite from Sorangium cellulosum
C Jahns, T Hoffmann, S Müller, K Gerth, P Washausen, G Höfle, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 21 (51), 5239-5243, 2012
Oxazaborolidinone-promoted vinylogous Mukaiyama aldol reactions
S Simsek, M Horzella, M Kalesse
Organic Letters 9 (26), 5637-5639, 2007
The total synthesis of (+)-tedanolide
G Ehrlich, J Hassfeld, U Eggert, M Kalesse
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (43), 14038-14039, 2006
The chemistry and biology of ratjadone
M Kalesse, M Christmann, U Bhatt, M Quitschalle, E Claus, A Saeed, ...
Chembiochem 2 (9), 709-714, 2001
Die Totalsynthese von Chlorotonil A
N Rahn
Hannover: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover, 2007
Total Synthesis of (+)‐Ratjadone
M Christmann, U Bhatt, M Quitschalle, E Claus, M Kalesse
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 39 (23), 4364-4366, 2000
Synthesis of unsaturated lactone moieties by asymmetric hetero Diels–Alder reactions with binaphthol-titanium complexes
M Quitschalle, M Christmann, U Bhatt, M Kalesse
Tetrahedron Letters 42 (7), 1263-1265, 2001
Mode of Action of Epoxyphomalins A and B and Characterization of Related Metabolites from the Marine-Derived Fungus Paraconiothyrium sp.
IE Mohamed, S Kehraus, A Krick, GM König, G Kelter, A Maier, ...
Journal of natural products 73 (12), 2053-2056, 2010
Rapid access to polyketide scaffolds via vinylogous Mukaiyama aldol reactions
J Hassfeld, M Christmann, M Kalesse
Organic Letters 3 (22), 3561-3564, 2001
Total synthesis of chivosazole F
T Brodmann, D Janssen, M Kalesse
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (39), 13610-13611, 2010
Synthesis of the C10-C32 core structure of spirangien A.
M Lorenz, M Kalesse
Organic Letters 10 (19), 4371-4374, 2008
The Total Synthesis of (−)‐Callystatin A
M Kalesse, KP Chary, M Quitschalle, A Burzlaff, C Kasper, T Scheper
Chemistry–A European Journal 9 (5), 1129-1136, 2003
Total Synthesis of (−)-Callystatin A
M Kalesse, M Quitschalle, CP Khandavalli, A Saeed
Organic letters 3 (20), 3107-3109, 2001
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