Zoltán Zimborás
Zoltán Zimborás
Wigner RCP
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Mitigation of readout noise in near-term quantum devices by classical post-processing based on detector tomography
FB Maciejewski, Z Zimborás, M Oszmaniec
Quantum 4, 257, 2020
Entanglement negativity in the harmonic chain out of equilibrium
V Eisler, Z Zimborás
New Journal of Physics 16 (12), 123020, 2014
On the partial transpose of fermionic Gaussian states
V Eisler, Z Zimborás
New Journal of Physics 17 (5), 053048, 2015
Entanglement in the XX spin chain with an energy current
V Eisler, Z Zimborás
Physical Review A 71 (4), 042318, 2005
Quantum transport enhancement by time-reversal symmetry breaking
Z Zimborás, M Faccin, Z Kadar, JD Whitfield, BP Lanyon, J Biamonte
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1-6, 2013
On the universality of the quantum approximate optimization algorithm
MES Morales, JD Biamonte, Z Zimborás
Quantum Information Processing 19 (9), 291, 2020
Entanglement negativity in two-dimensional free lattice models
V Eisler, Z Zimborás
Physical Review B 93 (11), 115148, 2016
Entanglement entropy of aperiodic quantum spin chains
F Iglói, R Juhász, Z Zimborás
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 79 (3), 37001, 2007
Entanglement negativity bounds for fermionic Gaussian states
J Eisert, V Eisler, Z Zimborás
Physical Review B 97 (16), 165123, 2018
Time asymptotics and entanglement generation of Clifford quantum cellular automata
J Gütschow, S Uphoff, RF Werner, Z Zimborás
Journal of mathematical physics 51 (1), 015203, 2010
Chiral quantum walks
D Lu, JD Biamonte, J Li, H Li, TH Johnson, V Bergholm, M Faccin, ...
Physical Review A 93 (4), 042302, 2016
The von Neumann entropy asymptotics in multidimensional fermionic systems
S Farkas, Z Zimborás
Journal of mathematical physics 48 (10), 102110, 2007
Area-law violation for the mutual information in a nonequilibrium steady state
V Eisler, Z Zimborás
Physical Review A 89 (3), 032321, 2014
Precision bounds for gradient magnetometry with atomic ensembles
I Apellaniz, I Urizar-Lanz, Z Zimborás, P Hyllus, G Tóth
Physical Review A 97 (5), 053603, 2018
Entanglement entropy in quantum spin chains with broken reflection symmetry
Z Kádár, Z Zimborás
Physical Review A 82 (3), 032334, 2010
Symmetry criteria for quantum simulability of effective interactions
Z Zimborás, R Zeier, T Schulte-Herbrüggen, D Burgarth
Physical Review A 92 (4), 042309, 2015
A dynamic systems approach to fermions and their relation to spins
Z Zimborás, R Zeier, M Keyl, T Schulte-Herbrüggen
EPJ Quantum Technology 1 (1), 1-53, 2014
Modeling and mitigation of cross-talk effects in readout noise with applications to the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm
FB Maciejewski, F Baccari, Z Zimborás, M Oszmaniec
Quantum 5, 464, 2021
Temperature driven quenches in the Ising model: appearance of negative Rényi mutual information
M Kormos, Z Zimborás
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 50 (26), 264005, 2017
Entanglement entropy in aperiodic singlet phases
R Juhász, Z Zimborás
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2007 (04), P04004, 2007
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