Nikolay Koldunov
Nikolay Koldunov
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Arctic Ocean heat impact on regional ice decay: A suggested positive feedback
V Ivanov, V Alexeev, NV Koldunov, I Repina, AB Sandø, LH Smedsrud, ...
Journal of Physical Oceanography 46 (5), 1437-1456, 2016
Does Arctic Ocean ice cover become seasonal
VV Ivanov, VA Alexeev, TA Alexeeva, NV Koldunov, IA Repina, ...
Issledovanie Zemli iz Cosmosa 4, 50-65, 2013
Tracing Atlantic Water signature in the Arctic sea ice cover east of Svalbard
VV Ivanov, VA Alexeev, I Repina, NV Koldunov, A Smirnov
Advances in Meteorology 2012, 2012
Seasonal modification of the Arctic Ocean intermediate water layer off the eastern Laptev Sea continental shelf break
I Dmitrenko, SA Kirillov, VV Ivanov, RA Woogate, IV Polyakov, N Koldunov, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans 114, C06010, 2009
Cyclone activity in the Arctic from an ensemble of regional climate models (Arctic CORDEX)
M Akperov, A Rinke, II Mokhov, H Matthes, VA Semenov, M Adakudlu, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 123 (5), 2537-2554, 2018
The South Atlantic Anticyclone as a key player for the representation of the tropical Atlantic climate in coupled climate models
W Cabos, DV Sein, JG Pinto, AH Fink, NV Koldunov, F Alvarez, ...
Climate Dynamics 48 (11), 4051-4069, 2017
Tide gauge‐based sea level variations since 1950 along the Norwegian and Russian coasts of the Arctic Ocean: Contribution of the steric and mass components
O Henry, P Prandi, W Llovel, A Cazenave, S Jevrejeva, D Stammer, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 117 (C6), 2012
Ocean modeling on a mesh with resolution following the local Rossby radius
DV Sein, NV Koldunov, S Danilov, Q Wang, D Sidorenko, I Fast, ...
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 9 (7), 2601-2614, 2017
Earth System Model Evaluation Tool (ESMValTool) v2. 0–technical overview
M Righi, B Andela, V Eyring, A Lauer, V Predoi, M Schlund, ...
Geoscientific Model Development 13 (3), 1179-1199, 2020
The relative influence of atmospheric and oceanic model resolution on the circulation of the North Atlantic Ocean in a coupled climate model
DV Sein, NV Koldunov, S Danilov, D Sidorenko, C Wekerle, W Cabos, ...
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 10 (8), 2026-2041, 2018
The Atlantic meridional overturning circulation in high‐resolution models
JJM Hirschi, B Barnier, C Böning, A Biastoch, AT Blaker, A Coward, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 125 (4), e2019JC015522, 2020
Arctic sea ice decline significantly contributed to the unprecedented liquid freshwater accumulation in the Beaufort Gyre of the Arctic Ocean
Q Wang, C Wekerle, S Danilov, N Koldunov, D Sidorenko, D Sein, B Rabe, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 45 (10), 4956-4964, 2018
Sensitivity of simulated regional Arctic climate to the choice of coupled model domain
DV Sein, NV Koldunov, JG Pinto, W Cabos
Tellus A: Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography 66 (1), 23966, 2014
Earth System Model Evaluation Tool (ESMValTool) v2. 0–an extended set of large-scale diagnostics for quasi-operational and comprehensive evaluation of Earth system models in CMIP
V Eyring, L Bock, A Lauer, M Righi, M Schlund, B Andela, E Arnone, ...
Geoscientific Model Development 13 (7), 3383-3438, 2020
Recent sea ice decline did not significantly increase the total liquid freshwater content of the Arctic Ocean
Q Wang, C Wekerle, S Danilov, D Sidorenko, N Koldunov, D Sein, B Rabe, ...
Journal of Climate 32 (1), 15-32, 2019
Multimodel simulations of Arctic Ocean sea surface height variability in the period 1970–2009
NV Koldunov, N Serra, A Köhl, D Stammer, O Henry, A Cazenave, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 119 (12), 8936-8954, 2014
Heat loss from the Atlantic water layer in the northern Kara Sea: Causes and consequences
IA Dmitrenko, SA Kirillov, N Serra, NV Koldunov, VV Ivanov, U Schauer, ...
Ocean Science 10 (4), 719-730, 2014
Evaluation of global ocean–sea-ice model simulations based on the experimental protocols of the Ocean Model Intercomparison Project phase 2 (OMIP-2)
H Tsujino, LS Urakawa, SM Griffies, G Danabasoglu, AJ Adcroft, ...
Geoscientific Model Development 13 (8), 3643-3708, 2020
On the role of horizontal resolution over the Tibetan Plateau in the REMO regional climate model
J Xu, N Koldunov, ARC Remedio, DV Sein, X Zhi, X Jiang, M Xu, X Zhu, ...
Climate Dynamics 51 (11), 4525-4542, 2018
Polynya impacts on water properties in a Northeast Greenland fjord
IA Dmitrenko, SA Kirillov, S Rysgaard, DG Barber, DG Babb, LT Pedersen, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 153, 10-17, 2015
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