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Two plates—many subduction zones: the Variscan orogeny reconsidered
U Kroner, RL Romer
Gondwana Research 24 (1), 298-329, 2013
West African provenance for Saxo-Thuringia (Bohemian Massif): did Armorica ever leave pre-Pangean Gondwana?–U/Pb-SHRIMP zircon evidence and the Nd-isotopic record
U Linnemann, NJ McNaughton, RL Romer, M Gehmlich, K Drost, C Tonk
International Journal of Earth Sciences 93 (5), 683-705, 2004
Genesis of ultramafic lamprophyres and carbonatites at Aillik Bay, Labrador: a consequence of incipient lithospheric thinning beneath the North Atlantic craton
S Tappe, SF Foley, GA Jenner, LM Heaman, BA Kjarsgaard, RL Romer, ...
Journal of Petrology 47 (7), 1261-1315, 2006
Mediterranean Tertiary lamproites derived from multiple source components in postcollisional geodynamics
D Prelević, SF Foley, R Romer, S Conticelli
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 72 (8), 2125-2156, 2008
Craton reactivation on the Labrador Sea margins: 40Ar/39Ar age and Sr–Nd–Hf–Pb isotope constraints from alkaline and carbonatite intrusives
S Tappe, SF Foley, A Stracke, RL Romer, BA Kjarsgaard, LM Heaman, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 256 (3-4), 433-454, 2007
Ultrapotassic mafic rocks as geochemical proxies for post-collisional dynamics of orogenic lithospheric mantle: the case of southwestern Anatolia, Turkey
D Prelević, C Akal, SF Foley, RL Romer, A Stracke, P Van Den Bogaard
Journal of Petrology 53 (5), 1019-1055, 2012
Between carbonatite and lamproite—diamondiferous Torngat ultramafic lamprophyres formed by carbonate-fluxed melting of cratonic MARID-type metasomes
S Tappe, SF Foley, BA Kjarsgaard, RL Romer, LM Heaman, A Stracke, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 72 (13), 3258-3286, 2008
Temperature-dependent isotopic fractionation of lithium between clinopyroxene and high-pressure hydrous fluids
B Wunder, A Meixner, RL Romer, W Heinrich
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 151 (1), 112-120, 2006
Phanerozoic tin and tungsten mineralization—tectonic controls on the distribution of enriched protoliths and heat sources for crustal melting
RL Romer, U Kroner
Gondwana Research 31, 60-95, 2016
Composition and density model of the continental crust at an active continental margin—the Central Andes between 21 and 27 S
F Lucassen, R Becchio, R Harmon, S Kasemann, G Franz, R Trumbull, ...
Tectonophysics 341 (1-4), 195-223, 2001
Eclogite-facies quartz veins within metabasites of the Dabie Shan (eastern China): pressure-temperature-time-deformation path, composition of the fluid phase and fluid flow …
L Franz, RL Romer, R Klemd, R Schmid, R Oberhansli, T Wagner, ...
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 141 (3), 322-346, 2001
The Cadomian Orogeny in Saxo-Thuringia, Germany: geochemical and Nd–Sr–Pb isotopic characterization of marginal basins with constraints to geotectonic setting and provenance
U Linnemann, RL Romer
Tectonophysics 352 (1-2), 33-64, 2002
The geochemical cycle of boron: constraints from boron isotope partitioning experiments between mica and fluid
B Wunder, A Meixner, RL Romer, R Wirth, W Heinrich
Lithos 84 (3-4), 206-216, 2005
Tertiary ultrapotassic volcanism in Serbia: constraints on petrogenesis and mantle source characteristics
D Prelević, SF Foley, RL Romer, V Cvetković, H Downes
Journal of Petrology 46 (7), 1443-1487, 2005
Boron-isotope fractionation between tourmaline and fluid: an experimental re-investigation
C Meyer, B Wunder, A Meixner, RL Romer, W Heinrich
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 156 (2), 259-267, 2008
Geology of the Bozdag area, central Menderes massif, SW Turkey: Pan-African basement and Alpine deformation
R Hetzel, RL Romer, O Candan, CW Passchier
Geologische Rundschau 87 (3), 394-406, 1998
Distinguishing crustal recycling and juvenile additions at active continental margins: the Paleozoic to recent compositional evolution of the Chilean Pacific margin (36–41 S)
F Lucassen, R Trumbull, G Franz, C Creixell, P Vásquez, RL Romer, ...
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 17 (2), 103-119, 2004
Lithium isotope fractionation between Li-bearing staurolite, Li-mica and aqueous fluids: an experimental study
B Wunder, A Meixner, RL Romer, A Feenstra, G Schettler, W Heinrich
Chemical Geology 238 (3-4), 277-290, 2007
Pb, O, and C isotopes in silicified Mooidraai dolomite (Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa): implications for the composition of Paleoproterozoic seawater and ‘dating’the …
M Bau, RL Romer, V Lüders, NJ Beukes
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 174 (1-2), 43-57, 1999
The Variscan orogeny in the Saxo-Thuringian zone-heterogenous overprint of Cadomian/Paleozoic Peri-Gondwana crust
U Kroner, T Hahn, RL Romer, U Linnemann
Special Papers-Geological Society of America 423, 153, 2007
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