Prodeep Phukan
Prodeep Phukan
Professor of Chemistry, Gauhati University, Guwahati-781014, India
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Use of bromine and bromo-organic compounds in organic synthesis
I Saikia, AJ Borah, P Phukan
Chemical reviews 116 (12), 6837-7042, 2016
Iodine as an extremely powerful catalyst for the acetylation of alcohols under solvent-free conditions
P Phukan
Tetrahedron Letters 45 (24), 4785-4787, 2004
Synthesis of highly stable CoFe2O4 nanoparticles and their use as magnetically separable catalyst for Knoevenagel reaction in aqueous medium
KK Senapati, C Borgohain, P Phukan
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 339 (1-2), 24-31, 2011
Enhanced adsorption of cationic dyes using sulfonic acid modified activated carbon
M Goswami, P Phukan
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 5 (4), 3508-3517, 2017
Adsorption of methylene blue and eosin yellow using porous carbon prepared from tea waste: Adsorption equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamics study
L Borah, M Goswami, P Phukan
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Palladium nanoparticle supported on cobalt ferrite: An efficient magnetically separable catalyst for ligand free Suzuki coupling
KK Senapati, S Roy, C Borgohain, P Phukan
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Iodine as a very powerful catalyst for three-component synthesis of protected homoallylic amines
P Phukan
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 69 (11), 4005-4006, 2004
A quick Chan–Lam C–N and C–S cross coupling at room temperature in the presence of square pyramidal [Cu (DMAP) 4 I] I as a catalyst
S Roy, MJ Sarma, B Kashyap, P Phukan
Chemical communications 52 (6), 1170-1173, 2016
CuI as reusable catalyst for the Biginelli reaction
HR Kalita, P Phukan
Catalysis Communications 8 (2), 179-182, 2007
A simple and efficient method for regioselective and stereoselective synthesis of vicinal bromohydrins and alkoxybromides from an olefin
P Phukan, P Chakraborty, D Kataki
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A new simple Schiff base fluorescence “on” sensor for Al 3+ and its living cell imaging
J Kumar, MJ Sarma, P Phukan, DK Das
Dalton Transactions 44 (10), 4576-4581, 2015
A facile synthesis of nanocrystalline CoFe2O4 embedded one-dimensional ZnO hetero-structure and its use in photocatalysis
C Borgohain, KK Senapati, KC Sarma, P Phukan
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CoFe 2 O 4–ZnS nanocomposite: a magnetically recyclable photocatalyst
KK Senapati, C Borgohain, P Phukan
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Recent advances in clay-catalyzed organic transformations
MD Nikalje, P Phukan, A Sudalai
Organic Preparations and Procedures International 32 (1), 1-40, 2000
Equilibrium modeling, kinetic and thermodynamic studies on the adsorption of Cr (VI) using activated carbon derived from matured tea leaves
M Goswami, L Borah, D Mahanta, P Phukan
Journal of porous materials 21, 1025-1034, 2014
Direct synthesis of Cbz-protected β-amino ketones by iodine-catalyzed three-component condensation of aldehydes, ketones and benzyl carbamate
P Phukan, D Kataki, P Chakraborty
Tetrahedron Letters 47 (31), 5523-5525, 2006
A facile noncatalytic pathway for the nitrene transfer process: expeditious access to aziridines
I Saikia, B Kashyap, P Phukan
Chemical communications 47 (10), 2967-2969, 2011
Facile generation of vicinal bromoazides from olefins using TMSN3 and TsNBr2 without any catalyst
I Saikia, P Phukan
Tetrahedron Letters 50 (36), 5083-5087, 2009
OsO4-catalyzed amination of silyl enol ethers: enantioselective synthesis of α-amino ketones
P Phukan, A Sudalai
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 9 (6), 1001-1005, 1998
A new CoFe 2 O 4–Cr 2 O 3–SiO 2 fluorescent magnetic nanocomposite
C Borgohain, KK Senapati, D Mishra, KC Sarma, P Phukan
Nanoscale 2 (10), 2250-2256, 2010
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