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Influence of Sn content on PtSn/C catalysts for electrooxidation of C1–C3 alcohols: Synthesis, characterization, and electrocatalytic activity
JH Kim, SM Choi, SH Nam, MH Seo, SH Choi, WB Kim
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 82 (1-2), 89-102, 2008
Noble‐metal‐free electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution
F Lyu, Q Wang, SM Choi, Y Yin
Small 15 (1), 1804201, 2019
The graphene-supported Pd and Pt catalysts for highly active oxygen reduction reaction in an alkaline condition
MH Seo, SM Choi, HJ Kim, WB Kim
Electrochemistry Communications 13 (2), 182-185, 2011
Synthesis of surface-functionalized graphene nanosheets with high Pt-loadings and their applications to methanol electrooxidation
SM Choi, MH Seo, HJ Kim, WB Kim
Carbon 49 (3), 904-909, 2011
Pt nanowires prepared via a polymer template method: Its promise toward high Pt-loaded electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation
SM Choi, JH Kim, JY Jung, EY Yoon, WB Kim
Electrochimica Acta 53 (19), 5804-5811, 2008
Star-shaped Pd@ Pt core–shell catalysts supported on reduced graphene oxide with superior electrocatalytic performance
Y Kim, Y Noh, EJ Lim, S Lee, SM Choi, WB Kim
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (19), 6976-6986, 2014
Highly active and stable PtRuSn/C catalyst for electrooxidations of ethylene glycol and glycerol
HJ Kim, SM Choi, S Green, GA Tompsett, SH Lee, GW Huber, WB Kim
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 101 (3-4), 366-375, 2011
Highly dispersed Ag nanoparticles on nanosheets of reduced graphene oxide for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media
EJ Lim, SM Choi, MH Seo, Y Kim, S Lee, WB Kim
Electrochemistry Communications 28, 100-103, 2013
Shape-and composition-sensitive activity of Pt and PtAu catalysts for formic acid electrooxidation
Y Kim, HJ Kim, YS Kim, SM Choi, MH Seo, WB Kim
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (34), 18093-18100, 2012
Hexavalent chromium as a cathodic electron acceptor in a bipolar membrane microbial fuel cell with the simultaneous treatment of electroplating wastewater
C Kim, CR Lee, YE Song, J Heo, SM Choi, DH Lim, J Cho, C Park, M Jang, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 328, 703-707, 2017
The graphene-supported palladium and palladium–yttrium nanoparticles for the oxygen reduction and ethanol oxidation reactions: Experimental measurement and computational validation
MH Seo, SM Choi, JK Seo, SH Noh, WB Kim, B Han
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 129, 163-171, 2013
Pt and PtRh nanowire electrocatalysts for cyclohexane-fueled polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
HJ Kim, YS Kim, MH Seo, SM Choi, WB Kim
Electrochemistry Communications 11 (2), 446-449, 2009
Synthesis and characterization of graphene-supported metal nanoparticles by impregnation method with heat treatment in H2 atmosphere
SM Choi, MH Seo, HJ Kim, WB Kim
Synthetic Metals 161 (21-22), 2405-2411, 2011
SnO2 Nanorod-Planted Graphite: An Effective Nanostructure Configuration for Reversible Lithium Ion Storage
JG Kim, SH Nam, SH Lee, SM Choi, WB Kim
ACS applied materials & interfaces 3 (3), 828-835, 2011
A polyoxometalate-deposited Pt/CNT electrocatalyst via chemical synthesis for methanol electrooxidation
MH Seo, SM Choi, HJ Kim, JH Kim, BK Cho, WB Kim
Journal of power sources 179 (1), 81-86, 2008
Binary PdM catalysts (M= Ru, Sn, or Ir) over a reduced graphene oxide support for electro-oxidation of primary alcohols (methanol, ethanol, 1-propanol) under alkaline conditions
EJ Lim, Y Kim, SM Choi, S Lee, Y Noh, WB Kim
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (10), 5491-5500, 2015
Alloyed 2D metal–semiconductor atomic layer junctions
AR Kim, Y Kim, J Nam, HS Chung, DJ Kim, JD Kwon, SW Park, J Park, ...
Nano letters 16 (3), 1890-1895, 2016
The promotional effect of Ni on bimetallic PtNi/C catalysts for glycerol electrooxidation
S Lee, HJ Kim, SM Choi, MH Seo, WB Kim
Applied Catalysis A: General 429, 39-47, 2012
Efficient electrooxidation of biomass-derived glycerol over a graphene-supported PtRu electrocatalyst
HJ Kim, SM Choi, MH Seo, S Green, GW Huber, WB Kim
Electrochemistry communications 13 (8), 890-893, 2011
Three-dimensional dendritic Cu–Co–P electrode by one-step electrodeposition on a hydrogen bubble template for hydrogen evolution reaction
YS Park, WS Choi, MJ Jang, JH Lee, S Park, H Jin, MH Seo, KH Lee, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 7 (12), 10734-10741, 2019
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