Roland Marschall
Roland Marschall
Emmy-Noether Group Leader, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen
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Semiconductor composites: strategies for enhancing charge carrier separation to improve photocatalytic activity
R Marschall
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (17), 2421-2440, 2014
Non-metal doping of transition metal oxides for visible-light photocatalysis
R Marschall, L Wang
Catalysis Today 225, 111-135, 2014
N‐Doped CsTaWO6 as a New Photocatalyst for Hydrogen Production from Water Splitting Under Solar Irradiation
A Mukherji, R Marschall, A Tanksale, C Sun, SC Smith, GQ Lu, L Wang
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (1), 126-132, 2011
Proton conductivity of sulfonic acid functionalised mesoporous materials
R Marschall, I Bannat, J Caro, M Wark
Microporous and mesoporous materials 99 (1-2), 190-196, 2007
Ordered functionalized silica materials with high proton conductivity
R Marschall, J Rathouský, M Wark
Chemistry of Materials 19 (26), 6401-6407, 2007
Preparation of porous composite ion-exchange membranes for desalination application
C Klaysom, R Marschall, SH Moon, BP Ladewig, GQM Lu, L Wang
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (20), 7401-7409, 2011
New proton conducting hybrid membranes for HT-PEMFC systems based on polysiloxanes and SO3H-functionalized mesoporous Si-MCM-41 particles
M Wilhelm, M Jeske, R Marschall, WL Cavalcanti, P Tölle, C Köhler, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 316 (1-2), 164-175, 2008
Nanoparticles of Mesoporous SO3H‐Functionalized Si‐MCM‐41 with Superior Proton Conductivity
R Marschall, I Bannat, A Feldhoff, L Wang, GQ Lu, M Wark
Small 5 (7), 854-859, 2009
Synthesis of composite ion-exchange membranes and their electrochemical properties for desalination applications
C Klaysom, R Marschall, L Wang, BP Ladewig, GQM Lu
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (22), 4669-4674, 2010
Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen generation from barium tantalate composites
R Marschall, J Soldat, M Wark
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 12 (4), 671-677, 2013
Preparation of new sulfur-doped and sulfur/nitrogen co-doped CsTaWO 6 photocatalysts for hydrogen production from water under visible light
R Marschall, A Mukherji, A Tanksale, C Sun, SC Smith, L Wang, GQM Lu
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (24), 8871-8879, 2011
Development of polyoxadiazole nanocomposites for high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
D Gomes, R Marschall, SP Nunes, M Wark
Journal of Membrane Science 322 (2), 406-415, 2008
Proton conductivity of imidazole functionalized ordered mesoporous silica: Influence of type of anchorage, chain length and humidity
R Marschall, M Sharifi, M Wark
Microporous and mesoporous materials 123 (1-3), 21-29, 2009
Improved overall water splitting with barium tantalate mixed oxide composites
J Soldat, R Marschall, M Wark
Chemical Science 5 (10), 3746-3752, 2014
Control of phase coexistence in calcium tantalate composite photocatalysts for highly efficient hydrogen production
P Wang, P Chen, A Kostka, R Marschall, M Wark
Chemistry of Materials 25 (23), 4739-4745, 2013
Layered perovskite nanofibers via electrospinning for overall water splitting
NC Hildebrandt, J Soldat, R Marschall
Small 11 (17), 2051-2057, 2015
Insight into proton conduction of immobilised imidazole systems via simulations and impedance spectroscopy
WL Cavalcanti, R Marschall, P Toelle, C Koehler, M Wark, T Frauenheim
Fuel Cells 8 (3‐4), 244-253, 2008
Detailed simulation and characterization of highly proton conducting sulfonic acid functionalized mesoporous materials under dry and humidified conditions
R Marschall, P Tölle, WL Cavalcanti, M Wilhelm, C Köhler, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (44), 19218-19227, 2009
Correlating Changes in Electron Lifetime and Mobility on Photocatalytic Activity at Network-Modified TiO2 Aerogels
PA DeSario, JJ Pietron, DH Taffa, R Compton, S Schünemann, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (31), 17529-17538, 2015
Tetragonal tungsten bronze-type nanorod photocatalysts with tunnel structures: Ta substitution for Nb and overall water splitting
P Wang, L Schwertmann, R Marschall, M Wark
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (23), 8815-8822, 2014
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