L.J. Bannenberg
L.J. Bannenberg
Delft University of Technology, Erasmus School of Economics
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Reorientations, relaxations, metastabilities, and multidomains of skyrmion lattices
LJ Bannenberg, F Qian, RM Dalgliesh, N Martin, G Chaboussant, ...
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Impact of nanostructuring on the phase behavior of insertion materials: The hydrogenation kinetics of a magnesium thin film
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LJ Bannenberg, F Weber, AJE Lefering, T Wolf, C Pappas
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Evolution of helimagnetic correlations in with doping: A small-angle neutron scattering study
LJ Bannenberg, RM Dalgliesh, T Wolf, F Weber, C Pappas
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1.5 GPa compact double-wall clamp cell for SANS and NSE studies at low temperatures and high magnetic fields
R Sadykov, C Pappas, LJ Bannenberg, RM Dalgliesh, PÚ Falus, ...
Journal of Neutron Research 20 (1-2), 25-33, 2018
Spin textures induced by quenched disorder in a reentrant spin glass: Vortices versus “frustrated” skyrmions
I Mirebeau, N Martin, M Deutsch, LJ Bannenberg, C Pappas, ...
Physical Review B 98 (1), 014420, 2018
Anti-bacterial efficacy via drug-delivery system from layer-by-layer coating for percutaneous dental implant components
ED de Avila, AGB Castro, O Tagit, BP Krom, D Löwik, AA van Well, ...
Applied Surface Science 488, 194-204, 2019
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LJ Bannenberg, H Wilhelm, R Cubitt, A Labh, MP Schmidt, ...
npj Quantum Materials 4 (1), 11, 2019
Optical hydrogen sensing beyond palladium: Hafnium and tantalum as effective sensing materials
LJ Bannenberg, C Boelsma, H Schreuders, S Francke, NJ Steinke, ...
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LJ Bannenberg, R Sadykov, RM Dalgliesh, C Goodway, DL Schlagel, ...
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Direct Comparison of PdAu Alloy Thin Films and Nanoparticles upon Hydrogen Exposure
LJ Bannenberg, FAA Nugroho, H Schreuders, B Norder, TT Trinh, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11 (17), 15489-15497, 2019
Skyrmions and spirals in cubic chiral magnets
LJ Bannenberg
Delft University of Technology, 2019
New magnetic phases of the chiral skyrmion material Cu2OSeO3
L Bannenberg, F Qian, H Wilhelm, A Labh, R Cubitt, G Chaboussant, ...
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2019
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