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Prof. Dr. Hannes Maier
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Deafness and renal tubular acidosis in mice lacking the K-Cl co-transporter Kcc4
T Boettger, CA Hübner, H Maier, MB Rust, FX Beck, TJ Jentsch
Nature 416 (6883), 874-878, 2002
Loss of K‐Cl co‐transporter KCC3 causes deafness, neurodegeneration and reduced seizure threshold
T Boettger, MB Rust, H Maier, T Seidenbecher, M Schweizer, DJ Keating, ...
The EMBO journal, 2003
Mice with altered KCNQ4 K+ channels implicate sensory outer hair cells in human progressive deafness
T Kharkovets, K Dedek, H Maier, M Schweizer, D Khimich, R Nouvian, ...
The EMBO journal 25 (3), 642-652, 2006
Thyroid hormone deficiency before the onset of hearing causes irreversible damage to peripheral and central auditory systems
M Knipper, C Zinn, H Maier, M Praetorius, K Rohbock, I Köpschall, ...
Journal of Neurophysiology 83 (5), 3101-3112, 2000
Leukoencephalopathy upon disruption of the chloride channel ClC-2
J Blanz, M Schweizer, M Auberson, H Maier, A Muenscher, CA Hübner, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 27 (24), 6581-6589, 2007
LIMP-2/LGP85 deficiency causes ureteric pelvic junction obstruction, deafness and peripheral neuropathy in mice
AC Gamp, Y Tanaka, R Lüllmann-Rauch, D Wittke, R d'Hooge, ...
Human molecular genetics 12 (6), 631-646, 2003
NKCC1-dependent GABAergic excitation drives synaptic network maturation during early hippocampal development
CK Pfeffer, V Stein, DJ Keating, H Maier, I Rinke, Y Rudhard, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 29 (11), 3419-3430, 2009
Endocochlear potential depends on Cl channels: mechanism underlying deafness in Bartter syndrome IV
G Rickheit, H Maier, N Strenzke, CE Andreescu, CI De Zeeuw, ...
The EMBO journal 27 (21), 2907-2917, 2008
Acoustic events and “optophonic” cochlear responses induced by pulsed near-infrared laser
IU Teudt, H Maier, CP Richter, A Kral
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 58 (6), 1648-1655, 2011
Evidence for active, nonlinear, negative feedback in the vibration response of the apical region of the in-vivo guinea-pig cochlea
C Zinn, H Maier, HP Zenner, AW Gummer
Hearing research 142 (1-2), 159-183, 2000
Nonsense mutations in SMPX, encoding a protein responsive to physical force, result in X-chromosomal hearing loss
AK Huebner, M Gandia, P Frommolt, A Maak, EM Wicklein, H Thiele, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 88 (5), 621-627, 2011
Nanosecond laser pulse stimulation of the inner ear—a wavelength study
M Schultz, P Baumhoff, H Maier, IU Teudt, A Krüger, T Lenarz, A Kral
Biomedical optics express 3 (12), 3332-3345, 2012
Deafness in mice lacking the T-box transcription factor Tbx18 in otic fibrocytes
MO Trowe, H Maier, M Schweizer, A Kispert
Oxford University Press for The Company of Biologists Limited 135 (9), 1725-1734, 2008
Estrogen-related receptor gamma and hearing function: evidence of a role in humans and mice
LS Nolan, H Maier, I Hermans-Borgmeyer, G Girotto, R Ecob, N Pirastu, ...
Neurobiology of aging 34 (8), 2077. e1-2077. e9, 2013
SLC4A11 prevents osmotic imbalance leading to corneal endothelial dystrophy, deafness, and polyuria
N Gröger, H Fröhlich, H Maier, A Olbrich, S Kostin, T Braun, T Boettger
Journal of biological chemistry 285 (19), 14467-14474, 2010
A mouse model for distal renal tubular acidosis reveals a previously unrecognized role of the V‐ATPase a4 subunit in the proximal tubule
JC Hennings, N Picard, AK Huebner, T Stauber, H Maier, D Brown, ...
EMBO molecular medicine 4 (10), 1057-1071, 2012
Distinct thyroid hormone‐dependent expression of trkB and p75NGFR in nonneuronal cells during the critical TH‐dependent period of the cochlea
M Knipper, L Gestwa, WJ Ten Cate, J Lautermann, H Brugger, H Maier, ...
Journal of neurobiology 38 (3), 338-356, 1999
Comparison of audiological results between a transcutaneous and a percutaneous bone conduction instrument in conductive hearing loss
T Gerdes, RB Salcher, B Schwab, T Lenarz, H Maier
Otology & Neurotology 37 (6), 685-691, 2016
Pathophysiology of the Eustachian tube–relevant new aspects for the head and neck surgeon
S Sehhati-Chafai-Leuwer, S Wenzel, R Bschorer, H Seedorf, T Kucinski, ...
Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery 34 (6), 351-354, 2006
Optoacoustic effect is responsible for laser-induced cochlear responses
N Kallweit, P Baumhoff, A Krueger, N Tinne, A Kral, T Ripken, H Maier
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 28141, 2016
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