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CL Tsai, E Dashjav, EM Hammer, M Finsterbusch, F Tietz, S Uhlenbruck, ...
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GJ Redhammer, D Rettenwander, S Pristat, E Dashjav, CMN Kumar, ...
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Structure and ion transport of lithium-rich Li1+ xAlxTi2− x (PO4) 3 with 0.3< x< 0.5: A combined computational and experimental study
D Case, AJ McSloy, R Sharpe, SR Yeandel, T Bartlett, J Cookson, ...
Solid State Ionics 346, 115192, 2020
Water-based fabrication of garnet-based solid electrolyte separators for solid-state lithium batteries
R Ye, CL Tsai, M Ihrig, S Sevinc, M Rosen, E Dashjav, YJ Sohn, ...
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Sn/Sb atom ordering in the ternary stannide–antimonide TiSnSb
E Dashjav, H Kleinke
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Die Seltenerdmetallpolyselenide Gd8Se15, Tb8Se15− x, Dy8Se15− x, Ho8Se15− x, Er8Se15− x und Y8Se15− x (0< x≤ 0.3)–Zunehmende Fehlordnung in ausgedünnten, planaren Selenschichten
T Doert, E Dashjav, BPT Fokwa
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Microstructural variations and their influence on the performance of solid oxide fuel cells based on yttrium-substituted strontium titanate ceramic anodes
Q Ma, B Iwanschitz, E Dashjav, S Baumann, D Sebold, IA Raj, A Mai, ...
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Electrochemical performance and stability of electrolyte-supported solid oxide fuel cells based on Y-substituted SrTiO3 ceramic anodes
Q Ma, B Iwanschitz, E Dashjav, A Mai, F Tietz, HP Buchkremer
Solid state ionics 262, 465-468, 2014
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