Mario Fischer-Gödde
Mario Fischer-Gödde
Research Scientist, University of Cologne, Germany
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Protracted core formation and rapid accretion of protoplanets
TS Kruijer, M Touboul, M Fischer-Gödde, KR Bermingham, RJ Walker, ...
Science 344 (6188), 1150-1154, 2014
Rhodium, gold and other highly siderophile element abundances in chondritic meteorites
M Fischer-Gödde, H Becker, F Wombacher
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 74 (1), 356-379, 2010
Rhodium, gold and other highly siderophile elements in orogenic peridotites and peridotite xenoliths
M Fischer-Gödde, H Becker, F Wombacher
Chemical Geology 280 (3-4), 365-383, 2011
Molybdenum isotopic evidence for the origin of chondrules and a distinct genetic heritage of carbonaceous and non-carbonaceous meteorites
G Budde, C Burkhardt, GA Brennecka, M Fischer-Gödde, TS Kruijer, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 454, 293-303, 2016
Ruthenium isotopic evidence for an inner Solar System origin of the late veneer
M Fischer-Gödde, T Kleine
Nature 541 (7638), 525-527, 2017
Lunar tungsten isotopic evidence for the late veneer
TS Kruijer, T Kleine, M Fischer-Gödde, P Sprung
Nature 520 (7548), 534-537, 2015
Nucleosynthetic W isotope anomalies and the Hf–W chronometry of Ca–Al-rich inclusions
TS Kruijer, T Kleine, M Fischer-Gödde, C Burkhardt, R Wieler
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 403, 317-327, 2014
Neutron capture on Pt isotopes in iron meteorites and the Hf–W chronology of core formation in planetesimals
TS Kruijer, M Fischer-Gödde, T Kleine, P Sprung, I Leya, R Wieler
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 361, 162-172, 2013
Ru isotope heterogeneity in the solar protoplanetary disk
M Fischer-Gödde, C Burkhardt, TS Kruijer, T Kleine
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 168, 151-171, 2015
Re–Os geochronology of black shales from the neoproterozoic doushantuo formation, yangtze platform, south China
B Zhu, H Becker, SY Jiang, DH Pi, M Fischer-Gödde, JH Yang
Precambrian Research 225, 67-76, 2013
Osmium isotope and highly siderophile element constraints on ages and nature of meteoritic components in ancient lunar impact rocks
M Fischer-Gödde, H Becker
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 77, 135-156, 2012
The effects of magmatic processes and crustal recycling on the molybdenum stable isotopic composition of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts
R Bezard, M Fischer-Gödde, C Hamelin, GA Brennecka, T Kleine
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 453, 171-181, 2016
A rapid and efficient ion-exchange chromatography for Lu–Hf, Sm–Nd, and Rb–Sr geochronology and the routine isotope analysis of sub-ng amounts of Hf by MC-ICP-MS
R Bast, EE Scherer, P Sprung, M Fischer-Gödde, A Stracke, K Mezger
Journal of analytical atomic spectrometry 30 (11), 2323-2333, 2015
Ruthenium isotope vestige of Earth’s pre-late-veneer mantle preserved in Archaean rocks
M Fischer-Gödde, BM Elfers, C Münker, K Szilas, WD Maier, N Messling, ...
Nature 579 (7798), 240-244, 2020
The cosmic molybdenum-neodymium isotope correlation and the building material of the Earth
J Render, M Fischer-Gödde, C Burkhardt, T Kleine
Geochem. Perspect. Lett 3, 170-178, 2017
Neodymium and hafnium boundary contributions to seawater along the West Antarctic continental margin
J Rickli, M Gutjahr, D Vance, M Fischer-Gödde, CD Hillenbrand, G Kuhn
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 394, 99-110, 2014
Distinct evolution of the carbonaceous and non-carbonaceous reservoirs: Insights from Ru, Mo, and W isotopes
EA Worsham, C Burkhardt, G Budde, M Fischer-Gödde, TS Kruijer, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 521, 103-112, 2019
In search of the Earth‐forming reservoir: mineralogical, chemical, and isotopic characterizations of the ungrouped achondrite NWA 5363/NWA 5400 and selected chondrites
C Burkhardt, N Dauphas, H Tang, M Fischer‐Gödde, L Qin, JH Chen, ...
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 52 (5), 807-826, 2017
Planetesimal differentiation revealed by the Hf–W systematics of ureilites
G Budde, TS Kruijer, M Fischer-Gödde, AJ Irving, T Kleine
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 430, 316-325, 2015
Ruthenium stable isotope measurements by double spike MC-ICPMS
T Hopp, M Fischer-Gödde, T Kleine
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 31 (7), 1515-1526, 2016
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