Ruth E. Stark
Ruth E. Stark
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
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Structural evaluation of phospholipid bicelles for solution-state studies of membrane-associated biomolecules
KJ Glover, JA Whiles, G Wu, N Yu, R Deems, JO Struppe, RE Stark, ...
Biophysical journal 81 (4), 2163-2171, 2001
Cutin deficiency in the tomato fruit cuticle consistently affects resistance to microbial infection and biomechanical properties, but not transpirational water loss
T Isaacson, DK Kosma, AJ Matas, GJ Buda, Y He, B Yu, A Pravitasari, ...
The Plant Journal 60 (2), 363-377, 2009
Fungal melanin: what do we know about structure?
JD Nosanchuk, RE Stark, A Casadevall
Frontiers in microbiology 6, 1463, 2015
Tissue-and cell-type specific transcriptome profiling of expanding tomato fruit provides insights into metabolic and regulatory specialization and cuticle formation
AJ Matas, TH Yeats, GJ Buda, Y Zheng, S Chatterjee, T Tohge, L Ponnala, ...
The Plant Cell 23 (11), 3893-3910, 2011
Determination of bond distances and bond angles by solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance. 13C and 14N NMR study of glycine
Enzymatic synthesis of tea theaflavin derivatives and their anti-inflammatory and cytotoxic activities
S Sang, JD Lambert, S Tian, J Hong, Z Hou, JH Ryu, RE Stark, RT Rosen, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 12 (2), 459-467, 2004
Flavonol glycosides and novel iridoid glycoside from the leaves of Morinda citrifolia
S Sang, X Cheng, N Zhu, RE Stark, V Badmaev, G Ghai, RT Rosen, ...
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 49 (9), 4478-4481, 2001
“N Chemical Shift and lsN-13C Dipolar Tensors for the Peptide Bond in [l-13~ Glycyl [1s~ Glycine Hydrochloride Monohydrate
GS Harbison, LW Jelinsiu, RE Stark, DA Torchia, J Herzfeld, RG Griffin
Journal of magnetic resonance 60, 79-82, 1984
Chemical studies on antioxidant mechanism of tea catechins: analysis of radical reaction products of catechin and epicatechin with 2, 2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl
S Sang, X Cheng, RE Stark, RT Rosen, CS Yang, CT Ho
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 10 (7), 2233-2237, 2002
Glycerol is a suberin monomer. New experimental evidence for an old hypothesis
L Moire, A Schmutz, A Buchala, B Yan, RE Stark, U Ryser
Plant Physiology 119 (3), 1137-1146, 1999
13C chemical shift and 13C-15N dipolar tensors for the peptide bond:[1-13C] glycyl [15N] glycine· HCl· H2O
RE Stark, LW Jelinski, DJ Ruben, DA Torchia, RG Griffin
Journal of Magnetic Resonance (1969) 55 (2), 266-273, 1983
Following fungal melanin biosynthesis with solid-state NMR: biopolymer molecular structures and possible connections to cell-wall polysaccharides
J Zhong, S Frases, H Wang, A Casadevall, RE Stark
Biochemistry 47 (16), 4701-4710, 2008
T omato C utin D eficient 1 (CD 1) and putative orthologs comprise an ancient family of cutin synthase‐like (CUS) proteins that are conserved among land plants
TH Yeats, W Huang, S Chatterjee, HMF Viart, MH Clausen, RE Stark, ...
The Plant Journal 77 (5), 667-675, 2014
Synthesis and structure identification of thiol conjugates of (−)-epigallocatechin gallate and their urinary levels in mice
S Sang, JD Lambert, J Hong, S Tian, MJ Lee, RE Stark, CT Ho, CS Yang
Chemical research in toxicology 18 (11), 1762-1769, 2005
NMR studies of molecular structure in fruit cuticle polyesters
X Fang, F Qiu, B Yan, H Wang, AJ Mort, RE Stark
Phytochemistry 57 (6), 1035-1042, 2001
Chemical studies of the antioxidant mechanism of tea catechins: radical reaction products of epicatechin with peroxyl radicals
S Sang, S Tian, H Wang, RE Stark, RT Rosen, CS Yang, CT Ho
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 11 (16), 3371-3378, 2003
Solution-state molecular structure of apo and oleate-liganded liver fatty acid-binding protein
Y He, X Yang, H Wang, R Estephan, F Francis, S Kodukula, J Storch, ...
Biochemistry 46 (44), 12543-12556, 2007
Studies of phospholipid hydration by high-resolution magic-angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance
Z Zhou, BG Sayer, DW Hughes, RE Stark, RM Epand
Biophysical journal 76 (1), 387-399, 1999
Modeling suberization with peroxidase-catalyzed polymerization of hydroxycinnamic acids: Cross-coupling and dimerization reactions
D Arrieta-Baez, RE Stark
Phytochemistry 67 (7), 743-753, 2006
Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of cutin, an insoluble plant polyester
T Zlotnik-Mazori, RE Stark
Macromolecules 21 (8), 2412-2417, 1988
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