Chad E. Brassil
Chad E. Brassil
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Nebraska
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Rapid and costly ageing in wild male flies
R Bonduriansky, CE Brassil
Nature 420 (6914), 377-377, 2002
Reproductive ageing and sexual selection on male body size in a wild population of antler flies (Protopiophila litigata)
R Bonduriansky, CE Brassil
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 18 (5), 1332-1340, 2005
Environmental Effects on the Expression of Life Span and Aging: An Extreme Contrast between Wild and Captive Cohorts of Telostylinus angusticollis (Diptera …
N Kawasaki, CE Brassil, RC Brooks, R Bonduriansky
The American Naturalist 172 (3), 346-357, 2008
Mean time to extinction of a metapopulation with an Allee effect
CE Brassil
Ecological Modelling 143 (1-2), 9-16, 2001
Dynamics and responses to mortality rates of competing predators undergoing predator–prey cycles
PA Abrams, CE Brassil, RD Holt
Theoretical Population Biology 64 (2), 163-176, 2003
Parasite-mediated disruptive selection in a natural Daphnia population
MA Duffy, CE Brassil, SR Hall, AJ Tessier, CE Cáceres, JK Conner
BMC Evolutionary Biology 8 (1), 80, 2008
Rapid senescence in Pacific salmon
YE Morbey, CE Brassil, AP Hendry
The American Naturalist 166 (5), 556-568, 2005
Sex effects on life span and senescence in the wild when dates of birth and death are unknown
F Zajitschek, CE Brassil, R Bonduriansky, RC Brooks
Ecology 90 (6), 1698-1707, 2009
Dynamic versus instantaneous models of diet choice
BO Ma, PA Abrams, CE Brassil
The American Naturalist 162 (5), 668-684, 2003
Individual phenotypic variation reduces interaction strengths in a consumer–resource system
JP Gibert, CE Brassil
Ecology and evolution 4 (18), 3703-3713, 2014
Can environmental variation generate positive indirect effects in a model of shared predation?
CE Brassil
The American Naturalist 167 (1), 43-54, 2006
Propagule pressure-invasibility relationships: testing the influence of soil fertility and disturbance with Lespedeza cuneata
GR Houseman, BL Foster, CE Brassil
Oecologia 174 (2), 511-520, 2014
The prevalence of asymmetrical indirect effects in two-host–one-parasitoid systems
CE Brassil, PA Abrams
Theoretical Population Biology 66 (1), 71-82, 2004
Composite random search strategies based on non-directional sensory cues
BC Nolting, TM Hinkelman, CE Brassil, B Tenhumberg
Ecological Complexity 22, 126-138, 2015
Functional group dominance and not productivity drives species richness
W Li, JMH Knops, CE Brassil, J Lu, W Qi, J Li, M Liu, S Chang, W Li
Plant Ecology & Diversity 9 (2), 141-150, 2016
Multiple–true–false questions reveal the limits of the multiple–choice format for detecting students with incomplete understandings
BA Couch, JK Hubbard, CE Brassil
BioScience 68 (6), 455-463, 2018
Increased productivity in wet years drives a decline in ecosystem stability with nitrogen additions in arid grasslands
J Wang, JMH Knops, CE Brassil, C Mu
Ecology 98 (7), 1779-1786, 2017
When can a single-species, density-dependent model capture the dynamics of a consumer-resource system?
SA Reynolds, CE Brassil
Journal of theoretical biology 339, 70-83, 2013
Supporting active wiki-based collaboration
A Eck, LK Soh, C Brassil
10th International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning …, 2013
Maize and soybean litter-carbon pool dynamics in three no-till systems
AE Kochsiek, JMH Knops, CE Brassil, TJ Arkebauer
Soil Science Society of America Journal 77 (1), 226-236, 2013
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