Qian Peter Su
Qian Peter Su
Australia NHMRC EL1 Fellow | Heart Foundation Postdoc Fellow, UTS | PhD Peking University
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CapZ regulates autophagosomal membrane shaping by promoting actin assembly inside the isolation membrane
N Mi, Y Chen, S Wang, M Chen, M Zhao, G Yang, M Ma, QP Su, S Luo, ...
Nature cell biology 17 (9), 1112, 2015
Super-resolution imaging and tracking of protein–protein interactions in sub-diffraction cellular space
Z Liu, D Xing, QP Su, Y Zhu, J Zhang, X Kong, B Xue, S Wang, H Sun, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-8, 2014
Dynamic tubulation of mitochondria drives mitochondrial network formation
C Wang, W Du, QP Su, M Zhu, P Feng, Y Li, Y Zhou, N Mi, Y Zhu, D Jiang, ...
Cell research 25 (10), 1108-1120, 2015
Kinesin 1 drives autolysosome tubulation
W Du, QP Su, Y Chen, Y Zhu, D Jiang, Y Rong, S Zhang, Y Zhang, H Ren, ...
Developmental cell 37 (4), 326-336, 2016
Multi-photon near-infrared emission saturation nanoscopy using upconversion nanoparticles
C Chen, F Wang, S Wen, QP Su, MCL Wu, Y Liu, B Wang, D Li, X Shan, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-6, 2018
PTEN regulates RPA1 and protects DNA replication forks
G Wang, Y Li, P Wang, H Liang, M Cui, M Zhu, L Guo, Q Su, Y Sun, ...
Cell research 25 (11), 1189-1204, 2015
Vesicle size regulates nanotube formation in the cell
QP Su, W Du, Q Ji, B Xue, D Jiang, Y Zhu, H Ren, C Zhang, J Lou, L Yu, ...
Scientific reports 6, 24002, 2016
Overexpression of a bifunctional enzyme, CrtS, enhances astaxanthin synthesis through two pathways in Phaffia rhodozyma
S Chi, Y He, J Ren, Q Su, X Liu, Z Chen, M Wang, Y Li, J Li
Microbial cell factories 14 (1), 90, 2015
Anisotropic functionalization of upconversion nanoparticles
W Ren, S Wen, SA Tawfik, QP Su, G Lin, LA Ju, MJ Ford, H Ghodke, ...
Chemical science 9 (18), 4352-4358, 2018
An integrin α IIb β 3 intermediate affinity state mediates biomechanical platelet aggregation
Y Chen, LA Ju, F Zhou, J Liao, L Xue, QP Su, D Jin, Y Yuan, H Lu, ...
Nature materials 18 (7), 760-769, 2019
Crystal structure of Zen4 in the apo state reveals a missing conformation of kinesin
R Guan, L Zhang, QP Su, KJ Mickolajczyk, GY Chen, WO Hancock, Y Sun, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-9, 2017
Biophysical nanotools for single-molecule dynamics
QP Su, LA Ju
Biophysical Reviews, 1-9, 2018
Calmodulin in complex with the first IQ motif of myosin-5a functions as an intact calcium sensor
M Shen, N Zhang, S Zheng, WB Zhang, HM Zhang, Z Lu, QP Su, Y Sun, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (40), E5812-E5820, 2016
超高分辨率荧光显微成像: 2014 年诺贝尔化学奖解析
QP Su苏乾, Z Liu刘振, B Xue薛博鑫Y Sun孙育杰
科学通报 59, 3342, 2014
Visualizing autophagic lysosome reformation in cells using in vitro reconstitution systems
Y Chen, QP Su, Y Sun, L Yu
Current protocols in cell biology 78 (1), 11.24. 1-11.24. 15, 2018
Single-molecule in vitro reconstitution assay for kinesin-1-driven membrane dynamics
W Du, QP Su
Biophysical reviews, 1-7, 2019
Studying autophagic lysosome reformation in cells and by an in vitro reconstitution system
Y Chen, QP Su, L Yu
Autophagy, 163-172, 2019
Live‐cell and super‐resolution imaging reveal that the distribution of wall‐associated protein A is correlated with the cell chain integrity of Streptococcus mutans
Y Li, Z Liu, Y Zhang, QP Su, B Xue, S Shao, Y Zhu, X Xu, S Wei, Y Sun
Molecular oral microbiology 30 (5), 376-383, 2015
An Integrin alibr33Intermediate Affinity State Mediates Biomechanical Platelet Aggregation
Y Chen, L Ju, F Zhou, J Liao, L Xue, Q Su, D Jin, Y Yuan, H Lu, S Jackson, ...
An integrin αIIbβ3 intermediate affinity state mediates biomechanical platelet aggregation
QP Su, D Jin, Y Yuan, H Lu10, SP Jackson, C Zhu
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