Jans Alzate Morales
Jans Alzate Morales
Associate Professor, Centro de Bioinformática, Simulación y Modelado (CBSM), University of Talca
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Cited by
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Docking and quantitative structure–activity relationship studies for 3-fluoro-4-(pyrrolo [2, 1-f][1, 2, 4] triazin-4-yloxy) aniline, 3-fluoro-4-(1H-pyrrolo [2, 3-b] pyridin-4 …
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Novel N‐allyl/propargyl tetrahydroquinolines: Synthesis via Three‐component Cationic Imino Diels–Alder Reaction, Binding Prediction, and Evaluation as …
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Investigation of the differences in activity between hydroxycycloalkyl N1 substituted pyrazole derivatives as inhibitors of B-Raf kinase by using docking, molecular dynamics …
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Molecular dynamics simulations and CD spectroscopy reveal hydration-induced unfolding of the intrinsically disordered LEA proteins COR15A and COR15B from Arabidopsis thaliana
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JH Alzate-Morales, J Caballero, FD Gonzalez-Nilo, R Contreras
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Similarities between the binding sites of SB-206553 at serotonin type 2 and alpha7 acetylcholine nicotinic receptors: rationale for its polypharmacological profile
P Möller-Acuña, JS Contreras-Riquelme, C Rojas-Fuentes, ...
PloS one 10 (8), e0134444, 2015
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