Janos Ludwig
Janos Ludwig
Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology, University Bonn 
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Incorporation of pseudouridine into mRNA yields superior nonimmunogenic vector with increased translational capacity and biological stability
K Karikó, H Muramatsu, FA Welsh, J Ludwig, H Kato, S Akira, ...
Molecular therapy 16 (11), 1833-1840, 2008
cGAS produces a 2′-5′-linked cyclic dinucleotide second messenger that activates STING
A Ablasser, M Goldeck, T Cavlar, T Deimling, G Witte, I Röhl, KP Hopfner, ...
Nature 498 (7454), 380-384, 2013
Recognition of 5′ triphosphate by RIG-I helicase requires short blunt double-stranded RNA as contained in panhandle of negative-strand virus
M Schlee, A Roth, V Hornung, CA Hagmann, V Wimmenauer, W Barchet, ...
Immunity 31 (1), 25-34, 2009
Generating the optimal mRNA for therapy: HPLC purification eliminates immune activation and improves translation of nucleoside-modified, protein-encoding mRNA
K Karikó, H Muramatsu, J Ludwig, D Weissman
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Antiviral immunity via RIG-I-mediated recognition of RNA bearing 5′-diphosphates
D Goubau, M Schlee, S Deddouche, AJ Pruijssers, T Zillinger, M Goldeck, ...
Nature 514 (7522), 372-375, 2014
Identification of microRNAs and other small regulatory RNAs using cDNA library sequencing
M Hafner, P Landgraf, J Ludwig, A Rice, T Ojo, C Lin, D Holoch, C Lim, ...
Methods 44 (1), 3-12, 2008
Rapid and efficient synthesis of nucleoside 5'-0-(1-thiotriphosphates), 5'-triphosphates and 2', 3'-cyclophosphorothioates using 2-chloro-4H-1, 3, 2-benzodioxaphosphorin-4-one
J Ludwig, F Eckstein
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 54 (3), 631-635, 1989
RNA-ligase-dependent biases in miRNA representation in deep-sequenced small RNA cDNA libraries
M Hafner, N Renwick, M Brown, A Mihailović, D Holoch, C Lin, JTG Pena, ...
Rna 17 (9), 1697-1712, 2011
A new route to nucleoside 5′-triphosphates
J Ludwig
Acta Biochim. Biophys. Acad. Sci. Hung 16 ((3-4),), 131-133, 1981
miRNA in situ hybridization in formaldehyde and EDC–fixed tissues
JTG Pena, C Sohn-Lee, SH Rouhanifard, J Ludwig, M Hafner, ...
Nature methods 6 (2), 139-141, 2009
A conserved histidine in the RNA sensor RIG-I controls immune tolerance to N1-2′ O-methylated self RNA
C Schuberth-Wagner, J Ludwig, AK Bruder, AM Herzner, T Zillinger, ...
Immunity 43 (1), 41-51, 2015
Structural and functional insights into 5′-ppp RNA pattern recognition by the innate immune receptor RIG-I
Y Wang, J Ludwig, C Schuberth, M Goldeck, M Schlee, H Li, S Juranek, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 17 (7), 781-787, 2010
Sequence-specific activation of the DNA sensor cGAS by Y-form DNA structures as found in primary HIV-1 cDNA
AM Herzner, CA Hagmann, M Goldeck, S Wolter, K Kübler, S Wittmann, ...
Nature immunology 16 (10), 1025-1033, 2015
Oligonucleotide duplexes containing 2′-amino-2′-deoxycytidines: thermal stability and chemical reactivity
H Aurup, T Tuschl, F Benseler, J Ludwig, F Eckstein
Nucleic acids research 22 (1), 20-24, 1994
Synthesis of nucleoside 5'-O-(1, 3-dithiotriphosphates) and 5'-O-(1, 1-dithiotriphosphates)
J Ludwig, F Eckstein
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 56 (5), 1777-1783, 1991
Hammerhead-like molecules containing non-nucleoside linkers are active RNA catalysts
F Benseler, DJ Fu, J Ludwig, LW McLaughlin
Journal of the American Chemical Society 115 (18), 8483-8484, 1993
Extending the cleavage rules for the hammerhead ribozyme: mutating adenosine15. 1 to inosine15. 1 changes the cleavage site specificity from N16. 2U16. 1H17 to N16. 2C16. 1H17
J Ludwig, M Blaschke, BS Sproat
Nucleic acids research 26 (10), 2279-2285, 1998
Synthesis of α-P-modified nucleoside diphosphates with ethylenediamine
P Li, Z Xu, H Liu, CK Wennefors, MI Dobrikov, J Ludwig, BR Shaw
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (48), 16782-16783, 2005
Higher activation of TLR9 in plasmacytoid dendritic cells by microbial DNA compared with self-DNA based on CpG-specific recognition of phosphodiester DNA
C Coch, N Busch, V Wimmenauer, E Hartmann, M Janke, ...
Journal of leukocyte biology 86 (3), 663-670, 2009
n-Decyl-NHpppA2′ p5′ A2′ p5′ A a phosphatase-resistant, active pppA2′ p5′ A2′ p5′ A analog
K Kariko, J Ludwig
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 128 (2), 695-698, 1985
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