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Sergey M Borisov
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Optical biosensors
SM Borisov, OS Wolfbeis
Chemical reviews 108 (2), 423-461, 2008
Indicators for optical oxygen sensors
M Quaranta, SM Borisov, I Klimant
Bioanalytical reviews 4, 115-157, 2012
Singlet oxygen generation as a major cause for parasitic reactions during cycling of aprotic lithium–oxygen batteries
N Mahne, B Schafzahl, C Leypold, M Leypold, S Grumm, A Leitgeb, ...
Nature Energy 2 (5), 1-9, 2017
Optical sensing and imaging of pH values: Spectroscopies, materials, and applications
A Steinegger, OS Wolfbeis, SM Borisov
Chemical reviews 120 (22), 12357-12489, 2020
Temperature-sensitive europium (III) probes and their use for simultaneous luminescent sensing of temperature and oxygen
SM Borisov, OS Wolfbeis
Analytical Chemistry 78 (14), 5094-5101, 2006
A simple and inexpensive high resolution color ratiometric planar optode imaging approach: application to oxygen and pH sensing.
M Larsen, SM Borisov, B Grunwald, I Klimant, RN Glud
Limnology and Oceanography: Methods 9 (9), 348-360, 2011
Ultrabright oxygen optodes based on cyclometalated iridium (III) coumarin complexes
SM Borisov, I Klimant
Analytical Chemistry 79 (19), 7501-7509, 2007
Intracellular O2 Sensing Probe Based on Cell-Penetrating Phosphorescent Nanoparticles
A Fercher, SM Borisov, AV Zhdanov, I Klimant, DB Papkovsky
ACS nano 5 (7), 5499-5508, 2011
Composite luminescent material for dual sensing of oxygen and temperature
SM Borisov, AS Vasylevska, C Krause, OS Wolfbeis
Advanced Functional Materials 16 (12), 1536-1542, 2006
Highly Photostable Near-Infrared Fluorescent pH Indicators and Sensors Based on BF2-Chelated Tetraarylazadipyrromethene Dyes
T Jokic, SM Borisov, R Saf, DA Nielsen, M Kühl, I Klimant
Analytical chemistry 84 (15), 6723-6730, 2012
A phosphorescent nanoparticle‐based probe for sensing and imaging of (intra) cellular oxygen in multiple detection modalities
AV Kondrashina, RI Dmitriev, SM Borisov, I Klimant, I O'Brien, YM Nolan, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 22 (23), 4931-4939, 2012
Ultra-sensitive optical oxygen sensors for characterization of nearly anoxic systems
P Lehner, C Staudinger, SM Borisov, I Klimant
Nature communications 5 (1), 4460, 2014
Versatile Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles for High-Resolution O2 Imaging in Cells and 3D Tissue Models
RI Dmitriev, SM Borisov, H Düssmann, S Sun, BJ Müller, J Prehn, ...
ACS nano 9 (5), 5275-5288, 2015
Precipitation as a simple and versatile method for preparation of optical nanochemosensors
SM Borisov, T Mayr, G Mistlberger, K Waich, K Koren, P Chojnacki, ...
Talanta 79 (5), 1322-1330, 2009
Red light-excitable oxygen sensing materials based on platinum (II) and palladium (II) benzoporphyrins
SM Borisov, G Nuss, I Klimant
Analytical chemistry 80 (24), 9435-9442, 2008
Room‐temperature‐phosphorescence‐based dissolved oxygen detection by core‐shell polymer nanoparticles containing metal‐free organic phosphors
Y Yu, MS Kwon, J Jung, Y Zeng, M Kim, K Chung, J Gierschner, JH Youk, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (51), 16207-16211, 2017
Fiber-optic microsensors for simultaneous sensing of oxygen and pH, and of oxygen and temperature
AS Kocincova, SM Borisov, C Krause, OS Wolfbeis
Analytical chemistry 79 (22), 8486-8493, 2007
New NIR-emitting complexes of platinum (II) and palladium (II) with fluorinated benzoporphyrins
SM Borisov, G Nuss, W Haas, R Saf, M Schmuck, I Klimant
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 201 (2-3), 128-135, 2009
Phosphorescent Platinum (II) and Palladium (II) Complexes with Azatetrabenzoporphyrins New Red Laser Diode-Compatible Indicators for Optical Oxygen Sensing
SM Borisov, G Zenkl, I Klimant
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2 (2), 366-374, 2010
Novel coumarin-based fluorescent pH indicators, probes and membranes covering a broad pH range
AS Vasylevska, AA Karasyov, SM Borisov, C Krause
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 387, 2131-2141, 2007
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