Cheng Jin An
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Growth and characterization of conducting ZnO thin films by atomic layer deposition
YS Min, CJ An, SK Kim, JW Song, CS Hwang
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 31 (9), 2503-2508, 2010
High-performance flexible thermoelectric generator by control of electronic structure of directly spun carbon nanotube webs with various molecular dopants
CJ An, YH Kang, H Song, Y Jeong, SY Cho
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (30), 15631-15639, 2017
Foldable thermoelectric materials: improvement of the thermoelectric performance of directly spun CNT webs by individual control of electrical and thermal conductivity
CJ An, YH Kang, AY Lee, KS Jang, Y Jeong, SY Cho
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8 (34), 22142-22150, 2016
Preparation of highly stable black phosphorus by gold decoration for high‐performance thermoelectric generators
CJ An, YH Kang, C Lee, SY Cho
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (28), 1800532, 2018
Ultraclean transfer of CVD-grown graphene and its application to flexible organic photovoltaic cells
CJ An, SJ Kim, HO Choi, DW Kim, SW Jang, ML Jin, JM Park, JK Choi, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (48), 20474-20480, 2014
A three-dimensional metal grid mesh as a practical alternative to ITO
K MináCho, M LiangáJin, C JináAn, S HwanáKo
Nanoscale 8 (29), 14257-14263, 2016
Improved interaction between semiconducting polymer and carbon nanotubes in thermoelectric composites through covalent grafting
CJ An, YC Lee, YH Kang, SY Cho
Carbon 124, 662-668, 2017
Shrinking core model for Knudsen diffusion-limited atomic layer deposition on a nanoporous monolith with an ultrahigh aspect ratio
HY Lee, CJ An, SJ Piao, DY Ahn, MT Kim, YS Min
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (43), 18601-18606, 2010
Highly Efficient Top‐Illuminated Flexible Polymer Solar Cells with a Nanopatterned 3D Microresonant Cavity
CJ An, C Cho, JK Choi, JM Park, ML Jin, JY Lee, HT Jung
Small 10 (7), 1278-1283, 2014
Surface plasmon assisted high performance top-illuminated polymer solar cells with nanostructured Ag rear electrodes
CJ An, HW Yoo, C Cho, JM Park, JK Choi, ML Jin, JY Lee, HT Jung
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (9), 2915-2921, 2014
High-Performance of PEDOT/PSS free organic solar cells on an air-plasma-treated ITO substrate
JK Choi, ML Jin, CJ An, DW Kim, HT Jung
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6 (14), 11047-11053, 2014
A combined graphene and periodic au nanograte structure: Fundamentals and application as a flexible transparent conducting film in a flexible organic photovoltaic cell
CJ An, S Jang, KM Kang, SJ Kim, ML Jin, HT Jung
Carbon 103, 488-496, 2016
Nanoporous SiCOH/C x H y dual phase films with an ultralow dielectric constant and a high Young's modulus
JM Park, JK Choi, CJ An, ML Jin, S Kang, J Yun, BS Kong, HT Jung
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (21), 3414-3420, 2013
Highly integrated and flexible thermoelectric module fabricated by brush-cast doping of a highly aligned carbon nanotube web
CJ An, YH Kang, H Song, Y Jeong, SY Cho
ACS Applied Energy Materials 2 (2), 1093-1101, 2018
Enhanced thermal stability of organic solar cells on nano structured electrode by simple acid etching
ML Jin, JK Choi, DW Kim, JM Park, CJ An, HJ Kim, BJ Kim, Y Diao, ...
Organic Electronics 15 (3), 680-684, 2014
10 nm scale nanopatterning on flexible substrates by a secondary sputtering phenomenon and their applications in high performance, flexible and transparent conducting films
C JináAn, M LiangáJin
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (18), 3527-3531, 2014
Comparison of blend morphologies of the nano-patterned photoactive films via two different techniques: thermal-assisted and solvent-assisted soft-nanoimprint lithography
JK Choi, JK Jin, ML Jin, CJ An, HT Jung
RSC advances 4 (24), 12302-12308, 2014
Highly robust SiCOH/mesoporous SiO 2 ultralow dielectric films with heterostructures
JM Park, KH Kim, CJ An, ML Jin, JH Hahn, BS Kong, HT Jung
RSC advances 4 (54), 28409-28416, 2014
Correction: A three-dimensional metal grid mesh as a practical alternative to ITO
S Jang, WB Jung, C Kim, P Won, SG Lee, KM Cho, ML Jin, CJ An, ...
Nanoscale 10 (36), 17410-17410, 2018
Intimately interconnected nickel carbonate hydroxide nanosheet‐wire structure for high‐performance asymmetric supercapacitors
S Xiu, HT Jung, B Quan, CJ An
International Journal of Energy Research, 2022
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