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A benchmark comparison of spontaneous subduction models—Towards a free surface
H Schmeling, AY Babeyko, A Enns, C Faccenna, F Funiciello, T Gerya, ...
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 171 (1-4), 198-223, 2008
A comparison of numerical surface topography calculations in geodynamic modelling: an evaluation of the ‘sticky air’method
F Crameri, H Schmeling, GJ Golabek, T Duretz, R Orendt, SJH Buiter, ...
Geophysical Journal International 189 (1), 38-54, 2012
Continental crust formation on early Earth controlled by intrusive magmatism
AB Rozel, GJ Golabek, C Jain, PJ Tackley, T Gerya
Nature 545 (7654), 332-335, 2017
Bifurcation of planetary building blocks during Solar System formation
T Lichtenberg, J Dra̧żkowska, M Schönbächler, GJ Golabek, TO Hands
Science 371 (6527), 365-370, 2021
A water budget dichotomy of rocky protoplanets from 26Al-heating
T Lichtenberg, GJ Golabek, R Burn, MR Meyer, Y Alibert, TV Gerya, ...
Nature Astronomy 3 (4), 307-313, 2019
Origin of the Martian dichotomy and Tharsis from a giant impact causing massive magmatism
GJ Golabek, T Keller, TV Gerya, G Zhu, PJ Tackley, JAD Connolly
Icarus 215 (1), 346-357, 2011
The effects of short-lived radionuclides and porosity on the early thermo-mechanical evolution of planetesimals
T Lichtenberg, GJ Golabek, TV Gerya, MR Meyer
Icarus 274, 350-365, 2016
Impact splash chondrule formation during planetesimal recycling
T Lichtenberg, GJ Golabek, CP Dullemond, M Schönbächler, TV Gerya, ...
Icarus 302, 27-43, 2018
Centrifuge assisted percolation of Fe–S melts in partially molten peridotite: time constraints for planetary core formation
N Bagdassarov, G Solferino, GJ Golabek, MW Schmidt
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 288 (1-2), 84-95, 2009
Is Vesta an intact and pristine protoplanet?
GJ Consolmagno, GJ Golabek, D Turrini, M Jutzi, S Sirono, V Svetsov, ...
Icarus 254, 190-201, 2015
Earth's core formation aided by flow channelling instabilities induced by iron diapirs
GJ Golabek, H Schmeling, PJ Tackley
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 271 (1-4), 24-33, 2008
Water and the interior structure of terrestrial planets and icy bodies
J Monteux, GJ Golabek, DC Rubie, G Tobie, ED Young
Space Science Reviews 214, 1-33, 2018
Effect of a single large impact on the coupled atmosphere-interior evolution of Venus
C Gillmann, GJ Golabek, PJ Tackley
Icarus 268, 295-312, 2016
Numerical models of the thermomechanical evolution of planetesimals: Application to the acapulcoite‐lodranite parent body
GJ Golabek, B Bourdon, TV Gerya
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 49 (6), 1083-1099, 2014
Late metal–silicate separation on the IAB parent asteroid: constraints from combined W and Pt isotopes and thermal modelling
AC Hunt, DL Cook, T Lichtenberg, PM Reger, M Ek, GJ Golabek, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 482, 490-500, 2018
Constraints on the Fe–S melt connectivity in mantle silicates from electrical impedance measurements
N Bagdassarov, GJ Golabek, G Solferino, MW Schmidt
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 177 (3-4), 139-146, 2009
Magma ascent in planetesimals: Control by grain size
T Lichtenberg, T Keller, RF Katz, GJ Golabek, TV Gerya
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 507, 154-165, 2019
Solid-state plastic deformation in the dynamic interior of a differentiated asteroid
BJ Tkalcec, GJ Golabek, FE Brenker
Nature Geoscience 6 (2), 93-97, 2013
Graphite floatation on a magma ocean and the fate of carbon during core formation
H Keppler, G Golabek
Geochemical Perspectives Letters 11, 12-17, 2019
Dry late accretion inferred from Venus’s coupled atmosphere and internal evolution
C Gillmann, GJ Golabek, SN Raymond, M Schönbächler, PJ Tackley, ...
Nature Geoscience 13 (4), 265-269, 2020
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