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The cap-snatching endonuclease of influenza virus polymerase resides in the PA subunit
A Dias, D Bouvier, T Crépin, AA McCarthy, DJ Hart, F Baudin, S Cusack, ...
Nature 458 (7240), 914-918, 2009
Probing the structure of RNAs in solution
C Ehresmann, F Baudin, M Mougel, P Romby, JP Ebel, B Ehresmann
Nucleic acids research 15 (22), 9109-9128, 1987
Structure and nuclear import function of the C-terminal domain of influenza virus polymerase PB2 subunit
F Tarendeau, J Boudet, D Guilligay, PJ Mas, CM Bougault, S Boulo, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 14 (3), 229-233, 2007
Functional sites in the 5′ region of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 RNA form defined structural domains
F Baudin, R Marquet, C Isel, JL Darlix, B Ehresmann, C Ehresmann
Journal of molecular biology 229 (2), 382-397, 1993
Structure of influenza virus RNP. I. Influenza virus nucleoprotein melts secondary structure in panhandle RNA and exposes the bases to the solvent.
F Baudin, C Bach, S Cusack, RW Ruigrok
The EMBO journal 13 (13), 3158-3165, 1994
Nuclear traffic of influenza virus proteins and ribonucleoprotein complexes
S Boulo, H Akarsu, RWH Ruigrok, F Baudin
Virus research 124 (1-2), 12-21, 2007
Crystal structure of the M1 protein-binding domain of the influenza A virus nuclear export protein (NEP/NS2)
H Akarsu, WP Burmeister, C Petosa, I Petit, CW Müller, RWH Ruigrok, ...
The EMBO journal 22 (18), 4646-4655, 2003
Roles of the influenza virus polymerase and nucleoprotein in forming a functional RNP structure
K Klumpp, RWH Ruigrok, F Baudin
The EMBO journal, 1997
In vitro dissection of the membrane and RNP binding activities of influenza virus M1 protein
F Baudin, I Petit, W Weissenhorn, RWH Ruigrok
Virology 281 (1), 102-108, 2001
Dimerization of human immunodeficiency virus (type 1) RNA: stimulation by cations and possible mechanism
R Marquet, F Baudin, C Gabus, JL Darlix, M Mougel, C Ehresmann, ...
Nucleic acids research 19 (9), 2349-2357, 1991
Complex interdependence regulates heterotypic transcription factor distribution and coordinates cardiogenesis
L Luna-Zurita, CU Stirnimann, S Glatt, BL Kaynak, S Thomas, F Baudin, ...
Cell 164 (5), 999-1014, 2016
Pervasive protein thermal stability variation during the cell cycle
I Becher, A Andrés-Pons, N Romanov, F Stein, M Schramm, F Baudin, ...
Cell 173 (6), 1495-1507. e18, 2018
Combined results from solution studies on intact influenza virus M1 protein and from a new crystal form of its N-terminal domain show that M1 is an elongated monomer
S Arzt, F Baudin, A Barge, P Timmins, WP Burmeister, RWH Ruigrok
Virology 279 (2), 439-446, 2001
Architecture of CRM1/Exportin1 suggests how cooperativity is achieved during formation of a nuclear export complex
C Petosa, G Schoehn, P Askjaer, U Bauer, M Moulin, U Steuerwald, ...
Molecular cell 16 (5), 761-775, 2004
Influenza polymerase can adopt an alternative configuration involving a radical repacking of PB2 domains
E Thierry, D Guilligay, J Kosinski, T Bock, S Gaudon, A Round, A Pflug, ...
Molecular cell 61 (1), 125-137, 2016
Structure of influenza virus ribonucleoprotein particles. II. Purified RNA-free influenza virus ribonucleoprotein forms structures that are indistinguishable from the intact …
RWH Ruigrok, F Baudin
Journal of General Virology 76 (4), 1009-1014, 1995
Influenza virus M1 protein binds to RNA through its nuclear localization signal
C Elster, K Larsen, J Gagnon, RWH Ruigrok, F Baudin
Journal of general virology 78 (7), 1589-1596, 1997
Characterization of rabies virus nucleocapsids and recombinant nucleocapsid-like structures
F Iseni, A Barge, F Baudin, D Blondel, RWH Ruigrok
Journal of General Virology 79 (12), 2909-2919, 1998
HMGB1 protein binds to influenza virus nucleoprotein and promotes viral replication
D Moisy, SV Avilov, Y Jacob, BM Laoide, X Ge, F Baudin, N Naffakh, ...
Journal of virology 86 (17), 9122-9133, 2012
Structural basis of lytic cycle activation by the Epstein-Barr virus ZEBRA protein
C Petosa, P Morand, F Baudin, M Moulin, JB Artero, CW Müller
Molecular cell 21 (4), 565-572, 2006
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