Lam Dang Hoang
Lam Dang Hoang
Research scholar, MSKCC
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Attenuated adenosine-to-inosine editing of microRNA-376a* promotes invasiveness of glioblastoma cells
Y Choudhury, FC Tay, DH Lam, E Sandanaraj, C Tang, BT Ang, S Wang
The Journal of clinical investigation 122 (11), 4059-4076, 2012
MicroRNA-10b pleiotropically regulates invasion, angiogenicity and apoptosis of tumor cells resembling mesenchymal subtype of glioblastoma multiforme
J Lin, S Teo, DH Lam, K Jeyaseelan, S Wang
Cell death & disease 3 (10), e398-e398, 2012
Combinatorial control of suicide gene expression by tissue-specific promoter and microRNA regulation for cancer therapy
C Wu, J Lin, M Hong, Y Choudhury, P Balani, D Leung, LH Dang, Y Zhao, ...
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Targeted suicide gene therapy for glioma using human embryonic stem cell-derived neural stem cells genetically modified by baculoviral vectors
Y Zhao, DH Lam, J Yang, J Lin, CK Tham, WH Ng, S Wang
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Retracted: Tumor Tropism of Intravenously Injected Human‐Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell‐Derived Neural Stem Cells and Their Gene Therapy Application in a Metastatic Breast …
J Yang, DH Lam, SS Goh, EX Lee, Y Zhao, FC Tay, C Chen, S Du, ...
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Glioma gene therapy using induced pluripotent stem cell derived neural stem cells
EX Lee, DH Lam, C Wu, J Yang, CK Tham, WH Ng, S Wang
Molecular pharmaceutics 8 (5), 1515-1524, 2011
Human embryonic stem cell-derived mesenchymal stem cells as cellular delivery vehicles for prodrug gene therapy of glioblastoma
XY Bak, HL Dang, J Yang, K Ye, EXW Lee, SK Lim, S Wang
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Ligation of anti-cancer drugs to self-assembling ultrashort peptides by click chemistry for localized therapy
MR Reithofer, KH Chan, A Lakshmanan, DH Lam, A Mishra, B Gopalan, ...
Chemical science 5 (2), 625-630, 2014
Isolation of three important types of stem cells from the same samples of banked umbilical cord blood
P Van Phuc, VB Ngoc, DH Lam, NT Tam, PQ Viet, PK Ngoc
Cell and tissue banking 13 (2), 341-351, 2012
ZSCAN10 expression corrects the genomic instability of iPSCs from aged donors
M Skamagki, C Correia, P Yeung, T Baslan, S Beck, C Zhang, CA Ross, ...
Nature cell biology 19 (9), 1037-1048, 2017
Systemic delivery of fusogenic membrane glycoprotein-expressing neural stem cells to selectively kill tumor cells
D Zhu, DH Lam, YI Purwanti, SL Goh, C Wu, J Zeng, W Fan, S Wang
Molecular Therapy 21 (8), 1621-1630, 2013
Antitumor Effects of CD40 Ligand‐Expressing Endothelial Progenitor Cells Derived From Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in a Metastatic Breast Cancer Model
YI Purwanti, C Chen, DH Lam, C Wu, J Zeng, W Fan, S Wang
Stem cells translational medicine 3 (8), 923-935, 2014
Induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural stem cells transduced with baculovirus encoding CD40 ligand for immunogene therapy in mouse models of breast cancer
D Zhu, C Chen, YI Purwanti, S Du, DH Lam, C Wu, J Zeng, HC Toh, ...
Human gene therapy 25 (8), 747-758, 2014
A double-switch cell fusion-inducible transgene expression system for neural stem cell-based antiglioma gene therapy
Y Luo, D Zhu, DH Lam, J Huang, Y Tang, X Luo, S Wang
Stem cells international 2015, 2015
Inhibition of neuronal nitric oxide synthase activity promotes migration of human‐induced pluripotent stem cell‐derived neural stem cells toward cancer cells
C Chen, Y Wang, SSL Goh, J Yang, DH Lam, Y Choudhury, FC Tay, S Du, ...
Journal of neurochemistry 126 (3), 318-330, 2013
Quantum dot coating of baculoviral vectors enables visualization of transduced cells and tissues
Y Zhao, SL Lo, Y Zheng, DH Lam, C Wu, MY Han, S Wang
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Production of functional dendritic cells from menstrual blood—a new dendritic cell source for immune therapy
P Van Phuc, DH Lam, VB Ngoc, DT Thu, NTM Nguyet, PK Ngoc
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Animal 47 (5-6), 368, 2011
Canonical microRNAs Enable Differentiation, Protect Against DNA Damage, and Promote Cholesterol Biosynthesis in Neural Stem Cells
ZR Liu Z, Zhang C, Khodadadi-Jamayran A, Dang L, Han X, Kim K, Li H
Stem Cells and Development, 2016
Retraction of “Glioma Gene Therapy Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Neural Stem Cells”
EX Lee, DH Lam, C Wu, J Yang, CK Tham, WH Ng, S Wang
Molecular pharmaceutics 16 (9), 4088-4088, 2019
ZSCAN10 expression corrects the genomic instability of iPSCs from aged donors (vol 19, pg 1037, 2017)
M Skamagki, C Correia, P Yeung, T Baslan, S Beck, C Zhang, CA Ross, ...
NATURE CELL BIOLOGY 21 (4), 531-532, 2019
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