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SILAC mouse for quantitative proteomics uncovers kindlin-3 as an essential factor for red blood cell function
M Krüger, M Moser, S Ussar, I Thievessen, CA Luber, F Forner, S Schmidt, ...
Cell 134 (2), 353-364, 2008
Kindlin-3 is essential for integrin activation and platelet aggregation
M Moser, B Nieswandt, S Ussar, M Pozgajova, R Fässler
Nature medicine 14 (3), 325-330, 2008
Interactions between Gut Microbiota, Host Genetics and Diet Modulate the Predisposition to Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
S Ussar, NW Griffin, O Bezy, S Fujisaka, S Vienberg, S Softic, L Deng, ...
Cell metabolism 22 (3), 516-530, 2015
Kindlin-2 controls bidirectional signaling of integrins
E Montanez, S Ussar, M Schifferer, M Bösl, R Zent, M Moser, R Fässler
Genes & development 22 (10), 1325-1330, 2008
Leukocyte adhesion deficiency-III is caused by mutations in KINDLIN3 affecting integrin activation
L Svensson, K Howarth, A McDowall, I Patzak, R Evans, S Ussar, ...
Nature medicine 15 (3), 306-312, 2009
Lessons on Conditional Gene Targeting in Mouse Adipose Tissue
KY Lee, SJ Russell, S Ussar, J Boucher, C Vernochet, MA Mori, G Smyth, ...
Diabetes, 2013
The Kindlins: subcellular localization and expression during murine development
S Ussar, HV Wang, S Linder, R Fässler, M Moser
Experimental cell research 312 (16), 3142-3151, 2006
Sirt3 regulates metabolic flexibility of skeletal muscle through reversible enzymatic deacetylation
E Jing, BT O’Neill, MJ Rardin, A Kleinridders, OR Ilkeyeva, S Ussar, ...
Diabetes 62 (10), 3404-3417, 2013
Heterogeneity of adipose tissue in development and metabolic function
T Schoettl, IP Fischer, S Ussar
Journal of Experimental Biology 221 (Suppl_1), jeb162958, 2018
Loss of Kindlin-1 causes skin atrophy and lethal neonatal intestinal epithelial dysfunction
S Ussar, M Moser, M Widmaier, E Rognoni, C Harrer, ...
PLoS genetics 4 (12), e1000289, 2008
ASC-1, PAT2, and P2RX5 are cell surface markers for white, beige, and brown adipocytes
S Ussar, KY Lee, SN Dankel, J Boucher, MF Haering, A Kleinridders, ...
Science Translational Medicine 6 (247), 247ra103-247ra103, 2014
Diet, Genetics, and the Gut Microbiome Drive Dynamic Changes in Plasma Metabolites
S Fujisaka, J Avila-Pacheco, M Soto, A Kostic, JM Dreyfuss, H Pan, ...
Cell reports 22 (11), 3072-3086, 2018
Interactions between host genetics and gut microbiome in diabetes and metabolic syndrome
S Ussar, S Fujisaka, CR Kahn
Molecular Metabolism 5 (9), 795-803, 2016
Antibiotic effects on gut microbiota and metabolism are host dependent
S Fujisaka, S Ussar, C Clish, S Devkota, JM Dreyfuss, M Sakaguchi, ...
The Journal of Clinical Investigation 126 (12), 4430-4443, 2016
MEK1 and MEK2, different regulators of the G1/S transition
S Ussar, T Voss
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (42), 43861-43869, 2004
Kindlin-1 controls Wnt and TGF-β availability to regulate cutaneous stem cell proliferation
E Rognoni, M Widmaier, M Jakobson, R Ruppert, S Ussar, D Katsougkri, ...
Nature medicine 20 (4), 350-359, 2014
Leptin regulation of Hsp60 impacts hypothalamic insulin signaling
A Kleinridders, HPMM Lauritzen, S Ussar, JH Christensen, MA Mori, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 123 (11), 4667-4680, 2013
Integrin-linked kinase: integrin’s mysterious partner
C Grashoff, I Thievessen, K Lorenz, S Ussar, R Fässler
Current opinion in cell biology 16 (5), 565-571, 2004
Glypican-4 Enhances Insulin Signaling via Interaction With the Insulin Receptor and Serves as a Novel Adipokine
S Ussar, O Bezy, M Blüher, CR Kahn
Diabetes 61 (9), 2289-2298, 2012
Targeted pharmacological therapy restores β-cell function for diabetes remission
S Sachs, A Bastidas-Ponce, S Tritschler, M Bakhti, A Böttcher, ...
Nature Metabolism 2 (2), 192-209, 2020
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