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Tracing the Paleo sulfate‐methane transition zones and H2S seepage events in marine sediments: An application of C‐S‐Mo systematics
A Peketi, A Mazumdar, RK Joshi, DJ Patil, PL Srinivas, AM Dayal
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 13 (10), 2012
Evidence of paleo–cold seep activity from the Bay of Bengal, offshore India
A Mazumdar, P Dewangan, HM Joäo, A Peketi, VR Khosla, M Kocherla, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 10 (6), 2009
Geochemical characterization of the Krishna–Godavari and Mahanadi offshore basin (Bay of Bengal) sediments: a comparative study of provenance
A Mazumdar, M Kocherla, MA Carvalho, A Peketi, RK Joshi, P Mahalaxmi, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 60, 18-33, 2015
Geochemical and geological constraints on the composition of marine sediment pore fluid: Possible link to gas hydrate deposits
A Mazumdar, HM Joao, A Peketi, P Dewangan, M Kocherla, RK Joshi, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 38 (1), 35-52, 2012
Pore-water chemistry of sediment cores off Mahanadi Basin, Bay of Bengal: Possible link to deep seated methane hydrate deposit.
T Mazumdar, A., Peketi, A., joao, H., Dewangan, P
Marine and Petroleum Geology., 2013
Shallow gas charged sediments off the Indian west coast: Genesis and distribution
A Mazumdar, A Peketi, P Dewangan, F Badesab, T Ramprasad, ...
Marine Geology 267 (1-2), 71-85, 2009
Coupled C–S–Fe geochemistry in a rapidly accumulating marine sedimentary system: Diagenetic and depositional implications
A Peketi, A Mazumdar, HM Joao, DJ Patil, A Usapkar, P Dewangan
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 16 (9), 2865-2883, 2015
Site U1443
SC Clemens, W Kuhnt, LJ LeVay, P Anand, T Ando, M Bartol, CT Bolton, ...
Clemens, SC, Kuhnt, W., LeVay, LJ, the Expedition 353, 1-41, 2016
Kinetic Enrichment of 34S during Proteobacterial Thiosulfate Oxidation and the Conserved Role of SoxB in S-S Bond Breaking
M Alam, P Pyne, A Mazumdar, A Peketi, W Ghosh
Applied and environmental microbiology 79 (14), 4455-4464, 2013
Reconstruction of depositional environment of a tropical estuary and response of δ13Corg and TOC/TN signatures to changing environmental conditions
SP Volvoikar, GN Nayak, A Mazumdar, A Peketi
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 139, 137-147, 2014
Sulfidization in a shallow coastal depositional setting: Diagenetic and palaeoclimatic implications
A Mazumdar, A Peketi, H Joao, P Dewangan, DV Borole, M Kocherla
Chemical Geology 322, 68-78, 2012
Occurrence of faecal pellet-filled simple and composite burrows in cold seep carbonates: A glimpse of a complex benthic ecosystem
A Mazumdar, RK Joshi, A Peketi, M Kocherla
Marine Geology 289 (1-4), 117-121, 2011
Enhanced carbon-sulfur cycling in the sediments of Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone center
S Fernandes, A Mazumdar, S Bhattacharya, A Peketi, T Mapder, R Roy, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-15, 2018
Salinity stratification controlled productivity variation over 300 ky in the Bay of Bengal
R Da Silva, A Mazumdar, T Mapder, A Peketi, RK Joshi, A Shaji, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-7, 2017
Gas hydrate destabilization and methane release events in the Krishna–Godavari Basin, Bay of Bengal
RK Joshi, A Mazumdar, A Peketi, PB Ramamurty, BG Naik, M Kocherla, ...
Marine and petroleum geology 58, 476-489, 2014
The first record of active methane (cold) seep ecosystem associated with shallow methane hydrate from the Indian EEZ
A Mazumdar, P Dewangan, A Peketi, S Gullapalli, MS Kalpana, GP Naik, ...
Journal of Earth System Science 128 (1), 1-8, 2019
Microbiome and ecology of a hot spring-microbialite system on the Trans-Himalayan Plateau
C Roy, MJ Rameez, PK Haldar, A Peketi, N Mondal, U Bakshi, T Mapder, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-22, 2020
Expedition 353 summary
SC Clemens, W Kuhnt, LJ LeVay, P Anand, T Ando, M Bartol, CT Bolton, ...
Proceedings of the International Ocean Discovery Program 353, 1-32, 2016
Controls on evolution of gas‐hydrate system in the Krishna‐Godavari basin, offshore India
F Badesab, P Dewangan, A Usapkar, M Kocherla, A Peketi, K Mohite, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 18 (1), 52-74, 2017
Hydrothermal alteration promotes humic acid formation in sediments: a case study of the Central Indian Ocean Basin
NS Sarma, R Kiran, M Rama Reddy, SD Iyer, A Peketi, DV Borole, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 123 (1), 110-130, 2018
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