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Kathrin Dausmann
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Hibernation in a tropical primate
KH Dausmann, J Glos, JU Ganzhorn, G Heldmaier
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KH Dausmann
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J Nowack, N Mzilikazi, KH Dausmann
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KH Dausmann
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MB Blanco, KH Dausmann, JF Ranaivoarisoa, AD Yoder
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White adipose tissue composition in the free-ranging fat-tailed dwarf lemur (Cheirogaleus medius; Primates), a tropical hibernator
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Body temperature and metabolic rate of a hibernating primate in Madagascar: preliminary results from a field study
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Surviving the cold, dry period in Africa: behavioral adjustments as an alternative to heterothermy in the african lesser bushbaby (Galago moholi)
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Diurnal nursing pattern of wild-type European rabbits under natural breeding conditions
HG Rödel, KH Dausmann, A Starkloff, M Schubert, D von Holst, R Hudson
Mammalian Biology 77 (6), 441-446, 2012
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