Nicola Strenzke
Nicola Strenzke
Department of Otolaryngology and Institute for Auditory Neuroscience, University Medical Center
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Bassoon and the synaptic ribbon organize Ca2+ channels and vesicles to add release sites and promote refilling
T Frank, MA Rutherford, N Strenzke, A Neef, T Pangršič, D Khimich, ...
Neuron 68 (4), 724-738, 2010
Hearing requires otoferlin-dependent efficient replenishment of synaptic vesicles in hair cells
T Pangršič, L Lasarow, K Reuter, H Takago, M Schwander, D Riedel, ...
Nature neuroscience 13 (7), 869-876, 2010
Onset coding is degraded in auditory nerve fibers from mutant mice lacking synaptic ribbons
BN Buran, N Strenzke, A Neef, ED Gundelfinger, T Moser, MC Liberman
Journal of Neuroscience 30 (22), 7587-7597, 2010
Optogenetic stimulation of the auditory pathway
VH Hernandez, A Gehrt, K Reuter, Z Jing, M Jeschke, AM Schulz, G Hoch, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 124 (3), 1114-1129, 2014
βIVΣ1 spectrin stabilizes the nodes of Ranvier and axon initial segments
S Lacas-Gervais, J Guo, N Strenzke, E Scarfone, M Kolpe, M Jahkel, ...
The Journal of cell biology 166 (7), 983-990, 2004
Dynamic control of synaptic vesicle replenishment and short-term plasticity by Ca2+-calmodulin-Munc13-1 signaling
N Lipstein, T Sakaba, BH Cooper, KH Lin, N Strenzke, U Ashery, JS Rhee, ...
Neuron 79 (1), 82-96, 2013
Mice do not require auditory input for the normal development of their ultrasonic vocalizations
K Hammerschmidt, E Reisinger, K Westekemper, L Ehrenreich, ...
BMC neuroscience 13 (1), 1-9, 2012
Disruption of the presynaptic cytomatrix protein bassoon degrades ribbon anchorage, multiquantal release, and sound encoding at the hair cell afferent synapse
Z Jing, MA Rutherford, H Takago, T Frank, A Fejtova, D Khimich, T Moser, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 33 (10), 4456-4467, 2013
A critical role for the cholesterol‐associated proteolipids PLP and M6B in myelination of the central nervous system
HB Werner, EM Krämer‐Albers, N Strenzke, G Saher, S Tenzer, ...
Glia 61 (4), 567-586, 2013
Hair cells use active zones with different voltage dependence of Ca2+ influx to decompose sounds into complementary neural codes
TL Ohn, MA Rutherford, Z Jing, S Jung, CJ Duque-Afonso, G Hoch, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (32), E4716-E4725, 2016
Endocochlear potential depends on Cl− channels: mechanism underlying deafness in Bartter syndrome IV
G Rickheit, H Maier, N Strenzke, CE Andreescu, CI De Zeeuw, ...
The EMBO journal 27 (21), 2907-2917, 2008
Complexin-I is required for high-fidelity transmission at the endbulb of Held auditory synapse
N Strenzke, S Chanda, C Kopp-Scheinpflug, D Khimich, K Reim, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 29 (25), 7991-8004, 2009
CSPα-deficiency causes massive and rapid photoreceptor degeneration
F Schmitz, L Tabares, D Khimich, N Strenzke, P de la Villa-Polo, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (8), 2926-2931, 2006
Disruption of adaptor protein 2μ (AP‐2μ) in cochlear hair cells impairs vesicle reloading of synaptic release sites and hearing
SY Jung, T Maritzen, C Wichmann, Z Jing, A Neef, NH Revelo, ...
The EMBO journal 34 (21), 2686-2702, 2015
EF-hand protein Ca2+ buffers regulate Ca2+ influx and exocytosis in sensory hair cells
T Pangršič, M Gabrielaitis, S Michanski, B Schwaller, F Wolf, N Strenzke, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (9), E1028-E1037, 2015
The Ca2+ channel subunit β2 regulates Ca2+ channel abundance and function in inner hair cells and is required for hearing
J Neef, A Gehrt, AV Bulankina, AC Meyer, D Riedel, RG Gregg, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 29 (34), 10730-10740, 2009
DNA diagnostics of hereditary hearing loss: a targeted resequencing approach combined with a mutation classification system
M Sommen, I Schrauwen, G Vandeweyer, N Boeckx, JJ Corneveaux, ...
Human mutation 37 (8), 812-819, 2016
Hair cell synaptic dysfunction, auditory fatigue and thermal sensitivity in otoferlin Ile515Thr mutants
N Strenzke, R Chakrabarti, H Al‐Moyed, A Müller, G Hoch, T Pangrsic, ...
The EMBO journal 35 (23), 2519-2535, 2016
The synaptic ribbon is critical for sound encoding at high rates and with temporal precision
P Jean, D Lopez de la Morena, S Michanski, LM Jaime Tobón, ...
Elife 7, e29275, 2018
α-Neurexins are required for efficient transmitter release and synaptic homeostasis at the mouse neuromuscular junction
MS Sons, N Busche, N Strenzke, T Moser, U Ernsberger, FC Mooren, ...
Neuroscience 138 (2), 433-446, 2006
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