Maria M. Silva
Maria M. Silva
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La investigación cualitativa: El Análisis de Contenido en la investigación educativa, Red Nacional Argentina de Documentación e Información Educativa
L Porta, M Silva
Consultado el día 25, 2003
Battery separators based on vinylidene fluoride (VDF) polymers and copolymers for lithium ion battery applications
CM Costa, MM Silva, S Lanceros-Mendez
Rsc Advances 3 (29), 11404-11417, 2013
Highly photostable luminescent poly (ε-caprolactone) siloxane biohybrids doped with europium complexes
M Fernandes, V de Zea Bermudez, RA Sá Ferreira, LD Carlos, A Charas, ...
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CM Costa, LC Rodrigues, V Sencadas, MM Silva, JG Rocha, ...
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Investigation of polymer electrolytes based on agar and ionic liquids.
R Leones, F Sentanin, LC Rodrigues, IM Marrucho, J Esperança, ...
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MJ Smith, MM Silva, S Cerqueira, JR MacCallum
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MM Silva, SC Barros, MJ Smith, JR MacCallum
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Bombyx mori Silk Fibers: An Outstanding Family of Materials
RFP Pereira, MM Silva, V de Zea Bermudez
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Studies of solid-state electrochromic devices based on PEO/siliceous hybrids doped with lithium perchlorate
PC Barbosa, MM Silva, MJ Smith, A Gonçalves, E Fortunato
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Influence of the porosity degree of poly (vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) separators in the performance of Li-ion batteries
RE Sousa, J Nunes-Pereira, CM Costa, MM Silva, S Lanceros-Méndez, ...
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R Mejri, JC Dias, AC Lopes, SB Hentati, MM Silva, G Botelho, ...
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SC Nunes, V de Zea Bermudez, D Ostrovskii, MM Silva, S Barros, ...
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KOH-super activated carbon from biomass waste: Insights into the paracetamol adsorption mechanism and thermal regeneration cycles
L Spessato, KC Bedin, AL Cazetta, IPAF Souza, VA Duarte, LHS Crespo, ...
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State of the art and open questions on cathode preparation based on carbon coated lithium iron phosphate
A Gören, CM Costa, MM Silva, S Lanceros-Méndez
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Novel polymer electrolytes based on gelatin and ionic liquids
R Leones, F Sentanin, LC Rodrigues, RAS Ferreira, IM Marrucho, ...
Optical Materials 35 (2), 187-195, 2012
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