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Jörg Ebbing
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Styles of extension offshore mid‐Norway and implications for mechanisms of crustal thinning at passive margins
PT Osmundsen, J Ebbing
Tectonics 27 (6), 2008
New aeromagnetic and gravity compilations from Norway and adjacent areas: methods and applications
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AB Reid, J Ebbing, SJ Webb
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J Bouman, J Ebbing, S Meekes, RA Fattah, M Fuchs, S Gradmann, ...
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The mid-Norwegian margin: a discussion of crustal lineaments, mafic intrusions, and remnants of the Caledonian root by 3D density modelling and structural interpretation
J Ebbing, E Lundin, O Olesen, EK Hansen
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J Ebbing, C Braitenberg, S Wienecke
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Aeromagnetic mapping of deep-weathered fracture zones in the Oslo Region-a new tool for improved planning of tunnels
O Olesen, JF Dehls, J Ebbing, H Henriksen, O Kihle, E Lundin
Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift 87 (1/2), 253, 2007
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