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Mercury adsorption and oxidation in coal combustion and gasification processes
J Wilcox, E Rupp, SC Ying, DH Lim, AS Negreira, A Kirchofer, F Feng, ...
International Journal of Coal Geology 90, 4-20, 2012
Integrated biogeochemical and hydrologic processes driving arsenic release from shallow sediments to groundwaters of the Mekong delta
BD Kocar, ML Polizzotto, SG Benner, SC Ying, M Ung, K Ouch, S Samreth, ...
Applied Geochemistry 23 (11), 3059-3071, 2008
Oxidation and competitive retention of arsenic between iron and manganese oxides
SC Ying, BD Kocar, S Fendorf
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 96, 294-303, 2012
Aquifer arsenic cycling induced by seasonal hydrologic changes within the Yangtze River basin
MV Schaefer, SC Ying, SG Benner, Y Duan, Y Wang, S Fendorf
Environmental science & technology 50 (7), 3521-3529, 2016
Competitive microbially and Mn oxide mediated redox processes controlling arsenic speciation and partitioning
SC Ying, BD Kocar, SD Griffis, S Fendorf
Environmental science & technology 45 (13), 5572-5579, 2011
Distributed microbially-and chemically-mediated redox processes controlling arsenic dynamics within Mn-/Fe-oxide constructed aggregates
SC Ying, Y Masue-Slowey, BD Kocar, SD Griffis, S Webb, MA Marcus, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 104, 29-41, 2013
The effect of a receding saline Lake (the Salton Sea) on airborne particulate matter composition
AL Frie, JH Dingle, SC Ying, R Bahreini
Environmental science & technology 51 (15), 8283-8292, 2017
Depth stratification leads to distinct zones of manganese and arsenic contaminated groundwater
SC Ying, MV Schaefer, A Cock-Esteb, J Li, S Fendorf
Environmental science & technology 51 (16), 8926-8932, 2017
Indigenous arsenic (V)‐reducing microbial communities in redox‐fluctuating near‐surface sediments of the M ekong D elta
SC Ying, J Damashek, S Fendorf, CA Francis
Geobiology 13 (6), 581-587, 2015
Dependence of arsenic fate and transport on biogeochemical heterogeneity arising from the physical structure of soils and sediments
Y Masue-Slowey, SC Ying, BD Kocar, CE Pallud, S Fendorf
Journal of environmental quality 42 (4), 1119-1129, 2013
Biogechemical and depositional controls on arsenic mobility within sediments of the Mekong Delta
BD Kocar, ML Polizzotto, SG Benner, S Ying, M Ung, K Ouch, M Sampson, ...
Appl Geochem 23, 3059-3071, 2008
Dust Sources in the Salton Sea Basin: A Clear Case of an Anthropogenically Impacted Dust Budget
AL Frie, AC Garrison, MV Schaefer, SM Bates, J Botthoff, M Maltz, ...
Environmental science & technology 53 (16), 9378-9388, 2019
Distribution, pollution status, and source apportionment of trace metals in lake sediments under the influence of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, China
W Zhuang, SC Ying, AL Frie, Q Wang, J Song, Y Liu, Q Chen, X Lai
Science of the Total Environment 671, 108-118, 2019
Manganese-driven carbon oxidation at oxic–anoxic interfaces
ME Jones, PS Nico, S Ying, T Regier, J Thieme, M Keiluweit
Environmental science & technology 52 (21), 12349-12357, 2018
Arsenic leaching from ceramic water filters
MV Schaefer, A Shantz, S Fendorf, SC Ying
Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 4 (2), 234-240, 2018
Impact of soil properties on the soil methane flux response to biochar addition: a meta-analysis
W Cong, J Meng, SC Ying
Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 20 (9), 1202-1209, 2018
Role of Redox Processes in the Pedogenesis of Hypersaline Tidal Flat Soils on the Brazilian Coast
LR Sartor, RC Graham, SC Ying, XL Otero, CR Montes, TO Ferreira
Soil Science Society of America Journal 82 (5), 1217-1230, 2018
Effect of Cover Crop on Carbon Distribution in Size and Density Separated Soil Aggregates
Soil Systems 4 (1), 6, 2020
Are hypersaline tidal flat soils potential silicon sinks in coastal wetlands?
LR Sartor, RC Graham, SC Ying, GRP Andrade, CR Montes, TO Ferreira
Geoderma 337, 215-224, 2019
Influence of Fe (II) on Arsenic (III) Oxidation by Birnessite in Diffusion-Limited Systems
RP Mock, MV Schaefer, JL Pacheco, L Lake, I Lee, SC Ying
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 3 (4), 550-561, 2019
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