Hélène Loevenbruck
Hélène Loevenbruck
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What is that little voice inside my head? Inner speech phenomenology, its role in cognitive performance, and its relation to self-monitoring
M Perrone-Bertolotti, L Rapin, JP Lachaux, M Baciu, H Loevenbruck
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M Garnier, L Bailly, M Dohen, P Welby, H Lœvenbruck
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Interaction of audition and vision for the perception of prosodic contrastive focus
M Dohen, H Loevenbruck
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Anchored down in Anchorage: Syllable structure and segmental anchoring in French
P Welby, H Lœvenbruck
Control of tongue movements in speech: The equilibrium point hypothesis perspective
P Perrier, H Lœvenbruck, Y Payan
On the links among face processing, language processing, and narrowing during development
O Pascalis, H Loevenbruck, PC Quinn, S Kandel, JW Tanaka, K Lee
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Pre-focal rephrasing, focal enhancement and postfocal deaccentuation in French
M Dohen, H Lœvenbruck
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Improvement to a NAM-captured whisper-to-speech system
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Visual correlates of prosodic contrastive focus in French: description and inter-speaker variability
M Dohen, H Lœvenbruck, HC Hill
Visual perception of contrastive focus in reiterant French speech
M Dohen, H Lœvenbruck, MA Cathiard, JL Schwartz
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The left inferior frontal gyrus under focus: an fMRI study of the production of deixis via syntactic extraction and prosodic focus
H Loevenbruck, M Baciu, C Segebarth, C Abry
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M Sato, M Baciu, H Lœvenbruck, JL Schwartz, MA Cathiard, C Segebarth, ...
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An investigation of articulatory correlates of the accentual phrase in French
H Lœvenbruck
Proceedings of the 14th ICPhS 1, 667-670, 1999
Are tones aligned with articulatory events? Evidence from Italian and French
M d'Imperio, R Espesser, H Loevenbruck, C Menezes, N Nguyen, ...
Multistable syllables as enacted percepts: a source of an asymmetric bias in the verbal transformation effect
M Sato, JL Schwartz, C Abry, MA Cathiard, H Loevenbruck
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A functional MRI study of the verbal transformation effect
M Sato, M Baciu, C Abry, H Loevenbruck, C Segebarth
Proceedings of the XVth International Congress of Phonetics Science …, 2003
Left-dominant temporal-frontal hypercoupling in schizophrenia patients with hallucinations during speech perception
KM Lavigne, LA Rapin, PD Metzak, JC Whitman, K Jung, M Dohen, ...
Schizophrenia Bulletin 41 (1), 259-267, 2015
Cross-modal matching of audio-visual German and French fluent speech in infancy
C Kubicek, AH De Boisferon, E Dupierrix, O Pascalis, H Loevenbruck, ...
PLoS One 9 (2), e89275, 2014
Perception of multisensory gender coherence in 6and 9monthold infants
A Hillairet de Boisferon, E Dupierrix, PC Quinn, H Lœvenbruck, ...
Infancy 20 (6), 661-674, 2015
An EMG study of the lip muscles during covert auditory verbal hallucinations in schizophrenia
L Rapin, M Dohen, M Polosan, P Perrier, H Loevenbruck
Journal of speech, language, and hearing research, 2013
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