Silviu Maniu
Silviu Maniu
LRI, Université Paris-Saclay
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Online influence maximization
S Lei, S Maniu, L Mo, R Cheng, P Senellart
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Discovering meta-paths in large heterogeneous information networks
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On Optimality of Jury Selection in Crowdsourcing.
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Building a signed network from interactions in Wikipedia
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Scalable algorithms for nearest-neighbor joins on big trajectory data
Y Fang, R Cheng, W Tang, S Maniu, X Yang
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Network-aware search in social tagging applications: instance optimality versus efficiency
S Maniu, B Cautis
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Streamdm: Advanced data mining in spark streaming
A Bifet, S Maniu, J Qian, G Tian, C He, W Fan
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Casting a web of trust over wikipedia: an interaction-based approach
S Maniu, T Abdessalem, B Cautis
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ProvSQL: Provenance and probability management in PostgreSQL
P Senellart, L Jachiet, S Maniu, Y Ramusat
Taagle: Efficient, personalized search in collaborative tagging networks
S Maniu, B Cautis
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Scalable, generic, and adaptive systems for focused crawling
G Gouriten, S Maniu, P Senellart
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An indexing framework for queries on probabilistic graphs
S Maniu, R Cheng, P Senellart
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Algorithms for online influencer marketing
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ProbTree: A query-efficient representation of probabilistic graphs
S Maniu, R Cheng, P Senellart
1st International Workshop on Big Uncertain Data, BUDA 2014, 2014
An experimental study of the treewidth of real-world graph data
S Maniu, P Senellart, S Jog
22nd International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT 2019), 2019
Search behaviour on photo sharing platforms
S Maniu, N O'Hare, LM Aiello, L Chiarandini, A Jaimes
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Effective large-scale online influence maximization
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Quantifying trust dynamics in signed graphs, the S-Cores approach
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A sketch-based Naive Bayes algorithms for evolving data streams
M Bahri, S Maniu, A Bifet
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Scalable evaluation of k-nn queries on large uncertain graphs
X Li, R Cheng, Y Fang, J Hu, S Maniu
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