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Effects of biochar application on greenhouse gas emissions, carbon sequestration and crop growth in coastal saline soil
XW Lin, ZB Xie, JY Zheng, Q Liu, QC Bei, JG Zhu
European Journal of Soil Science 66 (2), 329-338, 2015
Can biochar alleviate soil compaction stress on wheat growth and mitigate soil N2O emissions?
Q Liu, B Liu, Y Zhang, Z Lin, T Zhu, R Sun, X Wang, J Ma, Q Bei, G Liu, ...
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Carbon footprint of rice production under biochar amendment–a case study in a Chinese rice cropping system
Q Liu, B Liu, P Ambus, Y Zhang, V Hansen, Z Lin, D Shen, G Liu, Q Bei, ...
Gcb Bioenergy 8 (1), 148-159, 2016
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Impacts of Mo application on biological nitrogen fixation and diazotrophic communities in a flooded rice-soil system
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CO2 mitigation potential in farmland of China by altering current organic matter amendment pattern
ZB Xie, G Liu, QC Bei, HY Tang, JS Liu, HF Sun, YP Xu, JG Zhu, ...
Science china earth sciences 53 (9), 1351-1357, 2010
Effects of different biochars on Pinus elliottii growth, N use efficiency, soil N2O and CH4 emissions and C storage in a subtropical area of China
LIN Zhibin, LIU Qi, LIU Gang, AL Cowie, BEI Qicheng, LIU Benjuan, ...
Pedosphere 27 (2), 248-261, 2017
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Metatranscriptomics reveals a differential temperature effect on the structural and functional organization of the anaerobic food web in rice field soil
J Peng, CE Wegner, Q Bei, P Liu, W Liesack
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Metatranscriptomics reveals climate change effects on the rhizosphere microbiomes in European grassland
Q Bei, G Moser, X Wu, C Müller, W Liesack
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A holistic evaluation of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions from compost reactors with aeration and calcium superphosphate addition
L Jinshan, X Zubin, L Gang, Z Jiabao, B Qicheng, H Ping, S Huifeng, ...
Journal of Resources and Ecology 1 (2), 177-185, 2010
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Biology and Fertility of Soils 56 (8), 1189-1199, 2020
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B Liu, Q Liu, X Wang, Q Bei, Y Zhang, Z Lin, G Liu, J Zhu, T Hu, H Jin, ...
Science of The Total Environment 718, 137390, 2020
Metagenomic insights into nitrogen and phosphorus cycling at the soil aggregate scale driven by organic material amendments
X Wu, J Peng, P Liu, Q Bei, C Rensing, Y Li, H Yuan, W Liesack, F Zhang, ...
Science of The Total Environment 785, 147329, 2021
Paddy system with a hybrid rice enhances cyanobacteria Nostoc and increases N2 fixation
MA Jing, BEI Qicheng, W Xiaojie, LIU Gang, G Cadisch, LIN Xingwu, ...
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Seasonality affects function and complexity but not diversity of the rhizosphere microbiome in European temperate grassland
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X Sun, J Zhao, X Zhou, Q Bei, W Xia, B Zhao, J Zhang, Z Jia
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Y Zhang, T Hu, H Wang, H Jin, Q Liu, Z Lin, B Liu, H Liu, Z Chen, X Lin, ...
Plant and Soil 467 (1), 329-344, 2021
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Q Bei, Z Xie, G Cadisch, F Rasche
Biology and Fertility of Soils 55 (7), 713-722, 2019
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