Goepfert, PA
Goepfert, PA
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HIV nonprogressors preferentially maintain highly functional HIV-specific CD8+ T cells
MR Betts, MC Nason, SM West, SC De Rosa, SA Migueles, J Abraham, ...
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Identification and characterization of transmitted and early founder virus envelopes in primary HIV-1 infection
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Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 env clones from acute and early subtype B infections for standardized assessments of vaccine-elicited neutralizing antibodies
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Quantum dot semiconductor nanocrystals for immunophenotyping by polychromatic flow cytometry
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Magnitude of functional CD8+ T-cell responses to the gag protein of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 correlates inversely with viral load in plasma
BH Edwards, A Bansal, S Sabbaj, J Bakari, MJ Mulligan, PA Goepfert
Journal of virology 76 (5), 2298-2305, 2002
Perforin expression directly ex vivo by HIV-specific CD8+ T-cells is a correlate of HIV elite control
AR Hersperger, F Pereyra, M Nason, K Demers, P Sheth, LY Shin, ...
PLoS Pathog 6 (5), e1000917, 2010
Escape and compensation from early HLA-B57-mediated cytotoxic T-lymphocyte pressure on human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Gag alter capsid interactions with cyclophilin A
MA Brockman, A Schneidewind, M Lahaie, A Schmidt, T Miura, I DeSouza, ...
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Compensatory mutation partially restores fitness and delays reversion of escape mutation within the immunodominant HLA-B* 5703-restricted Gag epitope in chronic human …
H Crawford, JG Prado, A Leslie, S Hué, I Honeyborne, S Reddy, ...
Journal of virology 81 (15), 8346-8351, 2007
Transmission of HIV-1 Gag immune escape mutations is associated with reduced viral load in linked recipients
PA Goepfert, W Lumm, P Farmer, P Matthews, A Prendergast, JM Carlson, ...
The Journal of experimental medicine 205 (5), 1009-1017, 2008
A significant number of human immunodeficiency virus epitope-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes detected by tetramer binding do not produce gamma interferon
PA Goepfert, A Bansal, BH Edwards, GD Ritter, I Tellez, SA McPherson, ...
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Selection bias at the heterosexual HIV-1 transmission bottleneck
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Initial antibodies binding to HIV-1 gp41 in acutely infected subjects are polyreactive and highly mutated
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Modeling sequence evolution in acute HIV-1 infection
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Polyclonal B cell differentiation and loss of gastrointestinal tract germinal centers in the earliest stages of HIV-1 infection
MC Levesque, MA Moody, KK Hwang, DJ Marshall, JF Whitesides, ...
PLoS Med 6 (7), e1000107, 2009
Immune suppression by neutrophils in HIV-1 infection: role of PD-L1/PD-1 pathway
NL Bowers, ES Helton, RPH Huijbregts, PA Goepfert, SL Heath, Z Hel
PLoS Pathog 10 (3), e1003993, 2014
Evolution of HLA-B* 5703 HIV-1 escape mutations in HLA-B* 5703–positive individuals and their transmission recipients
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Characterization of functional and phenotypic changes in anti-Gag vaccine-induced T cell responses and their role in protection after HIV-1 infection
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (12), 4512-4517, 2005
Cutting edge: emergence of CD127high functionally competent memory T cells is compromised by high viral loads and inadequate T cell help
MJ Fuller, DA Hildeman, S Sabbaj, DE Gaddis, AE Tebo, L Shang, ...
The Journal of Immunology 174 (10), 5926-5930, 2005
Phase 1 safety and immunogenicity testing of DNA and recombinant modified vaccinia Ankara vaccines expressing HIV-1 virus-like particles
PA Goepfert, ML Elizaga, A Sato, L Qin, M Cardinali, CM Hay, J Hural, ...
Journal of Infectious Diseases 203 (5), 610-619, 2011
A phase IIA randomized clinical trial of a multiclade HIV-1 DNA prime followed by a multiclade rAd5 HIV-1 vaccine boost in healthy adults (HVTN204)
GJ Churchyard, C Morgan, E Adams, J Hural, BS Graham, Z Moodie, ...
PloS one 6 (8), e21225, 2011
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