J. Simon Wiegert
J. Simon Wiegert
Medical Faculty Mannheim University of Heidelberg
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Multiple dynamic representations in the motor cortex during sensorimotor learning
D Huber, DA Gutnisky, S Peron, DH O’connor, JS Wiegert, L Tian, ...
Nature 484 (7395), 473-478, 2012
Conversion of channelrhodopsin into a light-gated chloride channel
J Wietek, JS Wiegert, N Adeishvili, F Schneider, H Watanabe, ...
Science 344 (6182), 409-412, 2014
Silencing neurons: tools, applications, and experimental constraints
JS Wiegert, M Mahn, M Prigge, Y Printz, O Yizhar
Neuron 95 (3), 504-529, 2017
Synaptic activity induces dramatic changes in the geometry of the cell nucleus: interplay between nuclear structure, histone H3 phosphorylation, and nuclear calcium signaling
M Wittmann, G Queisser, A Eder, JS Wiegert, CP Bengtson, A Hellwig, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 29 (47), 14687-14700, 2009
Activity-dependent calcium signaling and ERK-MAP kinases in neurons: a link to structural plasticity of the nucleus and gene transcription regulation
JS Wiegert, H Bading
Cell calcium 49 (5), 296-305, 2011
Ultrafast glutamate sensors resolve high-frequency release at Schaffer collateral synapses
N Helassa, C Durst, C Coates, S Kerruth, U Arif, C Schulze, JS Wiegert, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 233494, 2018
Long-term depression triggers the selective elimination of weakly integrated synapses
JS Wiegert, TG Oertner
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (47), E4510-E4519, 2013
Crystal structure of the red light-activated channelrhodopsin Chrimson
K Oda, J Vierock, S Oishi, S Rodriguez-Rozada, R Taniguchi, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 3949, 2018
An improved chloride-conducting channelrhodopsin for light-induced inhibition of neuronal activity in vivo
J Wietek, R Beltramo, M Scanziani, P Hegemann, TG Oertner, JS Wiegert
Scientific reports 5 (1), 14807, 2015
Layer-specific optogenetic activation of pyramidal neurons causes beta–gamma entrainment of neonatal networks
SH Bitzenhofer, J Ahlbeck, A Wolff, JS Wiegert, CE Gee, TG Oertner, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 14563, 2017
BiPOLES is an optogenetic tool developed for bidirectional dual-color control of neurons
J Vierock, S Rodriguez-Rozada, A Dieter, F Pieper, R Sims, F Tenedini, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 4527, 2021
Imaging of molecular surface dynamics in brain slices using single-particle tracking
B Biermann, S Sokoll, J Klueva, M Missler, JS Wiegert, JB Sibarita, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 3024, 2014
Efficient optogenetic silencing of neurotransmitter release with a mosquito rhodopsin
M Mahn, I Saraf-Sinik, P Patil, M Pulin, E Bitton, N Karalis, F Bruentgens, ...
Neuron 109 (10), 1621-1635. e8, 2021
Diffusion and not active transport underlies and limits ERK1/2 synapse-to-nucleus signaling in hippocampal neurons
JS Wiegert, CP Bengtson, H Bading
Journal of biological chemistry 282 (40), 29621-29633, 2007
Anion-conducting channelrhodopsins with tuned spectra and modified kinetics engineered for optogenetic manipulation of behavior
J Wietek, S Rodriguez-Rozada, J Tutas, F Tenedini, C Grimm, TG Oertner, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 14957, 2017
MerMAIDs: a family of metagenomically discovered marine anion-conducting and intensely desensitizing channelrhodopsins
J Oppermann, P Fischer, A Silapetere, B Liepe, S Rodriguez-Rozada, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 3315, 2019
Preparation of slice cultures from rodent hippocampus
CE Gee, I Ohmert, JS Wiegert, TG Oertner
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols 2017 (2), pdb. prot094888, 2017
Monosynaptic hippocampal-prefrontal projections contribute to spatial memory consolidation in mice
S Binder, M Mölle, M Lippert, R Bruder, S Aksamaz, F Ohl, JS Wiegert, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 39 (35), 6978-6991, 2019
Single-cell electroporation of neurons
JS Wiegert, CE Gee, TG Oertner
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols 2017 (2), pdb. prot094904, 2017
AMPA receptors gate spine Ca2+ transients and spike-timing-dependent potentiation
N Holbro, Å Grunditz, JS Wiegert, TG Oertner
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (36), 15975-15980, 2010
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