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Thermal diffusion in liquid mixtures and polymer solutions
S Wiegand
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 16 (10), R357, 2004
Benchmark values for the Soret, thermal diffusion and diffusion coefficients of three binary organic liquid mixtures
JK Platten, MM Bou-Ali, P Costesèque, JF Dutrieux, W Köhler, C Leppla, ...
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W Köhler, S Wiegand
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D Reith, B Müller, F Müller-Plathe, S Wiegand
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Thermal diffusion forced Rayleigh scattering setup optimized for aqueous mixtures
S Wiegand, H Ning, H Kriegs
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Turbidity, light scattering, and coexistence curve data for the ionic binary mixture triethyl n-hexyl ammonium triethyl n-hexyl borate in diphenyl ether
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Accumulation of formamide in hydrothermal pores to form prebiotic nucleobases
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Negative thermodiffusion of polymers and colloids in solvent mixtures
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Coil-ring-coil block copolymers as building blocks of supramolecular hollow cylindrical brushes
S Rosselli
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Thermal-diffusive behavior of a dilute solution of charged colloids
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Near‐critical light scattering of an ionic fluid with liquid–liquid phase transition
H Weingärtner, S Wiegand, W Schröer
The Journal of chemical physics 96 (1), 848-851, 1992
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