laurent chazeau
laurent chazeau
professeur, INSA de Lyon, MATEIS
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Viscoelastic properties of plasticized PVC reinforced with cellulose whiskers
L Chazeau, JY Cavaille, G Canova, R Dendievel, B Boutherin
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 71 (11), 1797-1808, 1999
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Modulus recovery kinetics and other insights into the Payne effect for filled elastomers
L Chazeau, JD Brown, LC Yanyo, SS Sternstein
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Y Bréchet, JY Cavaillé, E Chabert, L Chazeau, R Dendievel, L Flandin, ...
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Toughening of bio-ceramics scaffolds by polymer coating
M Peroglio, L Gremillard, J Chevalier, L Chazeau, C Gauthier, T Hamaide
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Influence of viscoelasticity on the tribological behaviour of carbon black filled nitrile rubber (NBR) for lip seal application
JM Degrange, M Thomine, P Kapsa, JM Pelletier, L Chazeau, G Vigier, ...
Wear 259 (1-6), 684-692, 2005
POE-based nanocomposite polymer electrolytes reinforced with cellulose whiskers
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Mechanical behaviour above Tg of a plasticised PVC reinforced with cellulose whiskers; a SANS structural study
L Chazeau, JY Cavaillé, P Terech
Polymer 40 (19), 5333-5344, 1999
Reinforcement effects of vapour grown carbon nanofibres as fillers in rubbery matrices
C Gauthier, L Chazeau, T Prasse, JY Cavaille
Composites Science and Technology 65 (2), 335-343, 2005
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