Matthias J. Graf
Matthias J. Graf
Office of Science, U.S. Dept. of Energy
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Electronic thermal conductivity and the Wiedemann-Franz law for unconventional superconductors
MJ Graf, SK Yip, JA Sauls, D Rainer
Physical Review B 53 (22), 15147, 1996
Unconventional superconductivity in PuCoGa 5
NJ Curro, T Caldwell, ED Bauer, LA Morales, MJ Graf, Y Bang, ...
Nature 434 (7033), 622-625, 2005
Microscopic evidence for field-induced magnetism in CeCoIn 5
BL Young, RR Urbano, NJ Curro, JD Thompson, JL Sarrao, AB Vorontsov, ...
Physical review letters 98 (3), 036402, 2007
Vortex-induced dissipation in narrow current-biased thin-film superconducting strips
LN Bulaevskii, MJ Graf, CD Batista, VG Kogan
Physical Review B 83 (14), 144526, 2011
Lattice dynamics and correlated atomic motion from the atomic pair distribution function
IK Jeong, RH Heffner, MJ Graf, SJL Billinge
Physical Review B 67 (10), 104301, 2003
Interlayer Transport of Quasiparticles and Cooper Pairs in Superconductors
YI Latyshev, T Yamashita, LN Bulaevskii, MJ Graf, AV Balatsky, MP Maley
Physical review letters 82 (26), 5345, 1999
Vortex-assisted photon counts and their magnetic field dependence in single-photon superconducting detectors
LN Bulaevskii, MJ Graf, VG Kogan
Physical Review B 85 (1), 014505, 2012
Origin of the decrease in the torsional-oscillator period of solid He 4
Z Nussinov, AV Balatsky, MJ Graf, SA Trugman
Physical Review B 76 (1), 014530, 2007
Identifying the pairing symmetry in the Sr 2 RuO 4 superconductor
MJ Graf, AV Balatsky
Physical Review B 62 (14), 9697, 2000
Coupled two-dimensional Fermi liquids as a model for layered superconductors: Basic equations and elementary results
MJ Graf, D Rainer, JA Sauls
Physical Review B 47 (18), 12089, 1993
Infrared conductivity in layered d-wave superconductors
MJ Graf, M Palumbo, D Rainer, JA Sauls
Physical Review B 52 (14), 10588, 1995
Phase diagram and spectroscopy of Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov states of two-dimensional -wave superconductors
AB Vorontsov, JA Sauls, MJ Graf
Physical Review B 72 (18), 184501, 2005
Role of the Lattice in the Phase Transition of Ce: A High-Pressure Neutron and X-Ray Diffraction Study
IK Jeong, TW Darling, MJ Graf, T Proffen, RH Heffner, Y Lee, T Vogt, ...
Physical review letters 92 (10), 105702, 2004
Quasiparticle relaxation dynamics in heavy fermion compounds
J Demsar, RD Averitt, KH Ahn, MJ Graf, SA Trugman, VV Kabanov, ...
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Lattice dynamics and the high-pressure equation of state of Au
CW Greeff, MJ Graf
Physical Review B 69 (5), 054107, 2004
Entropy of solid He 4: The possible role of a dislocation-induced glass
AV Balatsky, MJ Graf, Z Nussinov, SA Trugman
Physical Review B 75 (9), 094201, 2007
Identification of the orbital pairing symmetry in
MJ Graf, SK Yip, JA Sauls
Physical Review B 62 (21), 14393, 2000
Thermodynamic and transport investigation of
ED Bauer, F Ronning, C Capan, MJ Graf, D Vandervelde, HQ Yuan, ...
Physical Review B 73 (24), 245109, 2006
Coherent optical and acoustic phonon generation correlated with the charge-ordering phase transition in
D Lim, VK Thorsmølle, RD Averitt, QX Jia, KH Ahn, MJ Graf, SA Trugman, ...
Physical Review B 71 (13), 134403, 2005
Resonance Peak in Sr 2 RuO 4: Signature of Spin Triplet Pairing
DK Morr, PF Trautman, MJ Graf
Physical review letters 86 (26), 5978, 2001
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