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Impact of Microstructure on Local Carrier Lifetime in Perovskite Solar Cells
DW deQuilettes, SM Vorpahl, SD Stranks, H Nagaoka, GE Eperon, ...
Science 348 (6235), 683-686, 2015
Photo-induced Halide Redistribution in Organic-Inorganic Perovskite Films
DW deQuilettes, W Zhang, VM Burlakov, DJ Graham, T Leijtens, ...
Nature Communications 7, 11683, 2016
Enhanced Optoelectronic Quality of Perovskite Thin Films with Hypophosphorous Acid for Planar Heterojunction Solar Cells
W Zhang, S Pathak, N Sakai, T Stergiopoulos, PK Nayak, NK Noel, ...
Nature Communications 6, 10030, 2015
The Importance of Moisture in Hybrid Lead Halide Perovskite Thin Film Fabrication
GE Eperon, SN Habisreutinger, T Leijtens, BJ Bruijnaers, JJ van Franeker, ...
ACS Nano 9 (9), 9380-9393, 2015
Photoluminescence Lifetimes Exceeding 8 μs and Quantum Yields Exceeding 30% in Hybrid Perovskite Thin Films by Ligand Passivation
DW deQuilettes, S Koch, S Burke, RK Paranji, AJ Shropshire, ME Ziffer, ...
ACS Energy Letters 1 (2), 438-444, 2016
Polymer-Modified Halide Perovskite Films for Efficient and Stable Planar Heterojunction Solar Cells
L Zuo, H Guo, DW deQuilettes, S Jariwala, N De Marco, S Dong, ...
Science Advances 3, e1700106, 2017
Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells by Metal Ion Doping
JTW Wang, Z Wang, S Pathak, W Zhang, DW deQuilettes, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (9), 2892-2901, 2016
Hybrid Perovskite Films Approaching the Radiative Limit With Over 90% Photoluminescence Quantum Efficiency
IL Braly*, DW deQuilettes*, LM Pazos-Outon, S Burke, ME Ziffer, ...
Nature Photonics 12, 355-361, 2018
A General Route to Enhance Polymer Solar Cell Performance Using Plasmonic Nanoprisms
K Yao, M Salvador, CC Chueh, XK Xin, YX Xu, DW deQuilettes, T Hu, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 4 (9), 1400206, 2014
Zr Incorporation into TiO2 Electrodes Reduces Hysteresis and Improves Performance in Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells while Increasing Carrier Lifetimes
H Nagaoka, F Ma, DW Dequilettes, SM Vorpahl, MS Glaz, AE Colbert, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 6 (4), 669-675, 2015
Tracking photoexcited carriers in hybrid perovskite semiconductors: trap-dominated spatial heterogeneity and diffusion
DW DeQuilettes, S Jariwala, S Burke, ME Ziffer, JTW Wang, HJ Snaith, ...
ACS nano 11 (11), 11488-11496, 2017
Charge-Carrier Recombination in Halide Perovskites: Focus Review
DW deQuilettes, K Frohna, D Emin, T Kirchartz, V Bulovic, DS Ginger, ...
Chemical Reviews, 2019
The role of excitation energy in photobrightening and photodegradation of halide perovskite thin films
WA Quitsch, DW deQuilettes, O Pfingsten, A Schmitz, S Ognjanovic, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 9 (8), 2062-2069, 2018
Design Rules for the Broad Application of Fast (< 1 s) Methylamine Vapor Based, Hybrid Perovskite Post Deposition Treatments
T Zhao, ST Williams, CC Chueh, DW deQuilettes, PW Liang, DS Ginger, ...
RSC Advances 6 (33), 27475-27484, 2016
Hot Hole Transfer Increasing Polaron Yields in Hybrid Conjugated Polymer/PbS Blends
E Strein, DW deQuilettes, ST Hsieh, AE Colbert, DS Ginger
The journal of physical chemistry letters 5 (1), 208-211, 2013
Benefit from photon recycling at the maximum-power point of state-of-the-art Perovskite solar cells
R Brenes, M Laitz, J Jean, DW deQuilettes*, V Bulović*
Physical Review Applied 12 (1), 014017, 2019
Direct Measurement of Acceptor Group Localization on Donor–Acceptor Polymers Using Resonant Auger Spectroscopy
M Gliboff, D Sulas, D Nordlund, DW deQuilettes, PD Nguyen, GT Seidler, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (10), 5570-5578, 2014
Electrical Detection of Quantum Dot Hot Electrons Generated via a Mn2+-Enhanced Auger Process
CJ Barrows, JD Rinehart, H Nagaoka, DW deQuilettes, M Salvador, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 (1), 126-130, 2017
Bulk Recrystallization for Efficient Mixed-Cation Mixed-Halide Perovskite Solar Cells
L Lin, JTW Wang, TW Jones, M Grigore, A Cook, DW deQuilettes, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2019
Assessing the Regulatory Requirements of Lead-Based Perovskite Photovoltaics
N Moody, S Sesena, DW deQuilettes, BD Dou, R Swartwout, JT Buchman, ...
Joule, 2020
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