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Laura Navarrete
Instituto de Tecnología Química
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Syngas production at intermediate temperature through H2O and CO2 electrolysis with a Cu-based solid oxide electrolyzer cell
C Gaudillere, L Navarrete, JM Serra
International journal of hydrogen energy 39 (7), 3047-3054, 2014
Redox stability and electrochemical study of nickel doped chromites as anodes for H2/CH4-fueled solid oxide fuel cells
VB Vert, FV Melo, L Navarrete, JM Serra
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 115, 346-356, 2012
Electrochemical properties of composite fuel cell cathodes for La 5.5 WO 12− δ proton conducting electrolytes
C Solís, L Navarrete, S Roitsch, JM Serra
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (31), 16051-16059, 2012
SOFC composite cathodes based on LSM and co-doped cerias (Ce0. 8Gd0. 1X0. 1O2–δ, X= Gd, Cr, Mg, Bi, Ce)
M Balaguer, VB Vert, L Navarrete, JM Serra
Journal of power sources 223, 214-220, 2013
Copper oxide-perovskite mixed matrix membranes delivering very high oxygen fluxes
A Leo, J Motuzas, C Yacou, S Liu, JM Serra, L Navarrete, J Drennan, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 526, 323-333, 2017
Hydrogen production via microwave-induced water splitting at low temperature
JM Serra, JF Borrás-Morell, B García-Baños, M Balaguer, ...
Nature Energy 5 (11), 910-919, 2020
Boosting the oxygen reduction reaction mechanisms in IT-SOFC cathodes by catalytic functionalization
L Navarrete, C Solís, JM Serra
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (32), 16440-16444, 2015
Mesoporous nanocomposite sensors based on Sn1− xCexO2− δ metastable solid solution with high percentage of Ce3+ valence state for selective detection of H2 and CO
S Somacescu, P Osiceanu, JMC Moreno, L Navarrete, JM Serra
Microporous and mesoporous materials 179, 78-88, 2013
Enhancing oxygen permeation through Fe 2 NiO 4–Ce 0.8 Tb 0.2 O 2− δ composite membranes using porous layers activated with Pr 6 O 11 nanoparticles
J García-Fayos, R Ruhl, L Navarrete, HJM Bouwmeester, JM Serra
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (3), 1201-1209, 2018
Study of Pr and Pr and Co doped La2NiO4+ δ as cathodes for La5. 5WO11. 25− δ based protonic conducting fuel cells
C Solís, L Navarrete, JM Serra
Journal of power sources 240, 691-697, 2013
CO2 hydrogenation on Ru/Ce based catalysts dispersed on highly ordered micro-channelled 3YSZ monoliths fabricated by freeze-casting
C Gaudillere, L Navarrete, JM Serra
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42 (2), 895-905, 2017
Protonic Conduction of Partially-Substituted CsH2PO4 and the Applicability in Electrochemical Devices
L Navarrete, A Andrio, S Escolástico, S Moya, V Compañ, JM Serra
Membranes 9 (4), 49, 2019
Development and understanding of La0. 85Sr0. 15Cr1− xNixO3− δ anodes for La5. 6WO11. 4− δ-based Proton Conducting Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
C Solís, L Navarrete, M Balaguer, JM Serra
Journal of Power Sources 258, 98-107, 2014
Tailoring La2-XAXNi1-YBYO4+ δ cathode performance by simultaneous A and B doping for IT-SOFC
L Navarrete, M Fabuel, CY Yoo, JM Serra
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 45 (31), 15589-15599, 2020
High temperature dielectric properties of iron-and zinc-bearing products during carbothermic reduction by microwave heating
B García-Baños, JM Catalá-Civera, JR Sánchez, L Navarrete, ...
Metals 10 (5), 693, 2020
Tailoring Electrocatalytic Properties of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Composite Cathodes Based on (La0.8Sr0.2)0.95MnO3+δ and Doped Cerias Ce1–xLnxO2–δ (Ln …
L Navarrete, M Balaguer, VB Vert, JM Serra
Fuel Cells 17 (1), 100-107, 2017
Catalytic surface promotion of composite cathodes in protonic ceramic fuel cells
C Solís, L Navarrete, F Bozza, N Bonanos, JM Serra
ChemElectroChem 2 (8), 1106-1110, 2015
Boosting methane partial oxidation on ceria through exsolution of robust Ru nanoparticles
AJ Carrillo, L Navarrete, M Laqdiem, M Balaguer, JM Serra
Materials Advances 2 (9), 2924-2934, 2021
Optimization of SOFC Composite Cathodes Based on LSM and Doped Cerias Ce0. 8Ln0. 2O2-δ (Ln= Gd, Er, Tb and Pr)
L Navarrete, M Balaguer, VB Vert, JM Serra
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 163 (13), F1440, 2016
Self-assembled (Ni/Cu, Ti)-YSZ with potential applications for IT-SOFCs: Catalytic and electrochemical assessment
S Somacescu, L Navarrete, M Florea, JM Calderon-Moreno, JM Serra
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 690, 873-883, 2017
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