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Atomistic origins of high-performance in hybrid halide perovskite solar cells
JM Frost, KT Butler, F Brivio, CH Hendon, M Van Schilfgaarde, A Walsh
Nano letters 14 (5), 2584-2590, 2014
Relativistic quasiparticle self-consistent electronic structure of hybrid halide perovskite photovoltaic absorbers
F Brivio, KT Butler, A Walsh, M Van Schilfgaarde
Physical Review B 89 (15), 155204, 2014
Structural and electronic properties of hybrid perovskites for high-efficiency thin-film photovoltaics from first-principles
F Brivio, AB Walker, A Walsh
Apl Materials 1 (4), 2013
Lattice dynamics and vibrational spectra of the orthorhombic, tetragonal, and cubic phases of methylammonium lead iodide
F Brivio, JM Frost, JM Skelton, AJ Jackson, OJ Weber, MT Weller, AR Goni, ...
Physical Review B 92 (14), 144308, 2015
Thermodynamic Origin of Photoinstability in the CH3NH3Pb(I1–xBrx)3 Hybrid Halide Perovskite Alloy
F Brivio, C Caetano, A Walsh
The journal of physical chemistry letters 7 (6), 1083-1087, 2016
Dynamic disorder, phonon lifetimes, and the assignment of modes to the vibrational spectra of methylammonium lead halide perovskites
AMA Leguy, AR Goñi, JM Frost, J Skelton, F Brivio, X Rodríguez-Martínez, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (39), 27051-27066, 2016
Halogen Effects on Ordering and Bonding of CH3NH3+ in CH3NH3PbX3 (X = Cl, Br, I) Hybrid Perovskites: A Vibrational Spectroscopic Study
RG Niemann, AG Kontos, D Palles, EI Kamitsos, A Kaltzoglou, F Brivio, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (5), 2509-2519, 2016
Fundamental Carrier Lifetime Exceeding 1 µs in Cs2AgBiBr6 Double Perovskite
RLZ Hoye, L Eyre, F Wei, F Brivio, A Sadhanala, S Sun, W Li, KHL Zhang, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces 5 (15), 1800464, 2018
[Am]Mn(H2POO)3: A New Family of Hybrid Perovskites Based on the Hypophosphite Ligand
Y Wu, S Shaker, F Brivio, R Murugavel, PD Bristowe, AK Cheetham
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (47), 16999-17002, 2017
Synthesis and Characterization of the Rare-Earth Hybrid Double Perovskites: (CH3NH3)2KGdCl6 and (CH3NH3)2KYCl6
Z Deng, F Wei, F Brivio, Y Wu, S Sun, PD Bristowe, AK Cheetham
The journal of physical chemistry letters 8 (20), 5015-5020, 2017
Azetidinium lead iodide for perovskite solar cells
SR Pering, W Deng, JR Troughton, PS Kubiak, D Ghosh, RG Niemann, ...
Journal of materials chemistry A 5 (39), 20658-20665, 2017
Variable temperature and high-pressure crystal chemistry of perovskite formamidinium lead iodide: a single crystal X-ray diffraction and computational study
S Sun, Z Deng, Y Wu, F Wei, FH Isikgor, F Brivio, MW Gaultois, J Ouyang, ...
Chemical communications 53 (54), 7537-7540, 2017
Synthesis, crystal structure, magnetic and electronic properties of the caesium-based transition metal halide Cs 3 Fe 2 Br 9
F Wei, F Brivio, Y Wu, S Sun, PD Bristowe, AK Cheetham
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6 (14), 3573-3577, 2018
Control of spintronic and electronic properties of bimetallic and vacancy-ordered vanadium carbide MXenes via surface functionalization
S Li, J He, P Nachtigall, L Grajciar, F Brivio
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (46), 25802-25808, 2019
Zeolite framework functionalisation by tuneable incorporation of various metals into the IPC-2 zeolite
M Mazur, V Kasneryk, J Přech, F Brivio, C Ochoa-Hernández, A Mayoral, ...
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 5 (11), 2746-2755, 2018
Magneto-structural correlations of novel kagomé-type metal organic frameworks
MIH Mohideen, C Lei, J Tuček, O Malina, F Brivio, V Kasneryk, Z Huang, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 7 (22), 6692-6697, 2019
Dynamical Equilibrium between Brønsted and Lewis Sites in Zeolites: Framework‐Associated Octahedral Aluminum
M Jin, M Ravi, C Lei, CJ Heard, F Brivio, Z Tošner, L Grajciar, ...
Angewandte Chemie 135 (31), e202306183, 2023
Doping isolated one-dimensional antiferromagnetic semiconductor vanadium tetrasulfide (VS 4) nanowires with carriers induces half-metallicity
S Li, J He, P Nachtigall, L Grajciar, F Brivio
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 9 (9), 3122-3128, 2021
Two-dimensional carrier gas at a polar interface without surface band gap states: A first principles perspective
D Brivio, Federico and Rappe, Andrew M. and Kronik, Leeor and Ritter
Applied Physics Letters 123 (2), 022104, 2023
The need for operando modelling of 27 Al NMR in zeolites: the effect of temperature, topology and water
C Lei, A Erlebach, F Brivio, L Grajciar, Z Tošner, CJ Heard, P Nachtigall
Chemical Science 14 (34), 9101-9113, 2023
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