Tilo Schwalger
Tilo Schwalger
TU Berlin
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Towards a theory of cortical columns: From spiking neurons to interacting neural populations of finite size
T Schwalger, M Deger, W Gerstner
PLoS computational biology 13 (4), e1005507, 2017
How noisy adaptation of neurons shapes interspike interval histograms and correlations
T Schwalger, K Fisch, J Benda, B Lindner
PLoS computational biology 6 (12), e1001026, 2010
Statistical structure of neural spiking under non-Poissonian or other non-white stimulation
T Schwalger, F Droste, B Lindner
Journal of computational neuroscience 39, 29-51, 2015
Channel noise from both slow adaptation currents and fast currents is required to explain spike-response variability in a sensory neuron
K Fisch, T Schwalger, B Lindner, AVM Herz, J Benda
Journal of Neuroscience 32 (48), 17332-17344, 2012
Slow fluctuations in recurrent networks of spiking neurons
S Wieland, D Bernardi, T Schwalger, B Lindner
Physical Review E 92 (4), 040901, 2015
Interspike interval statistics of a leaky integrate-and-fire neuron driven by Gaussian noise with large correlation times
T Schwalger, L Schimansky-Geier
Physical Review E 77 (3), 031914, 2008
Patterns of interval correlations in neural oscillators with adaptation
T Schwalger, B Lindner
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 7, 164, 2013
Fluctuations and information filtering in coupled populations of spiking neurons with adaptation
M Deger*, T Schwalger*, R Naud, W Gerstner
Physical Review E 90 (6), 062704, 2014
Mind the last spike—firing rate models for mesoscopic populations of spiking neurons
T Schwalger, AV Chizhov
Current opinion in neurobiology 58, 155-166, 2019
How single neuron properties shape chaotic dynamics and signal transmission in random neural networks
SP Muscinelli, W Gerstner, T Schwalger
PLoS computational biology 15 (6), e1007122, 2019
Mesoscopic population equations for spiking neural networks with synaptic short-term plasticity
V Schmutz, W Gerstner, T Schwalger
The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience 10 (1), 1-32, 2020
Characteristic effects of stochastic oscillatory forcing on neural firing: analytical theory and comparison to paddlefish electroreceptor data
C Bauermeister, T Schwalger, DF Russell, AB Neiman, B Lindner
PLoS computational biology 9 (8), e1003170, 2013
Relation between cooperative molecular motors and active Brownian particles
C Touya, T Schwalger, B Lindner
Physical Review E 83 (5), 051913, 2011
Interspike interval correlation in a stochastic exponential integrate-and-fire model with subthreshold and spike-triggered adaptation
LJ Shiau, T Schwalger, B Lindner
Journal of Computational Neuroscience 38, 589-600, 2015
Theory for serial correlations of interevent intervals
T Schwalger, B Lindner
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 187 (1), 211-221, 2010
Correlations in the sequence of residence times
B Lindner, T Schwalger
Physical review letters 98 (21), 210603, 2007
Higher-order statistics of a bistable system driven by dichotomous colored noise
T Schwalger, B Lindner
Physical Review E 78 (2), 021121, 2008
Interplay of two signals in a neuron with heterogeneous synaptic short-term plasticity
F Droste, T Schwalger, B Lindner
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 7, 86, 2013
Low-dimensional firing-rate dynamics for populations of renewal-type spiking neurons
B Pietras, N Gallice, T Schwalger
Physical Review E 102 (2), 022407, 2020
Interspike-interval correlations induced by two-state switching in an excitable system
T Schwalger, J Tiana-Alsina, MC Torrent, J Garcia-Ojalvo, B Lindner
Europhysics Letters 99 (1), 10004, 2012
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