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Disentangling host, pathogen, and environmental determinants of a recently emerged wildlife disease: lessons from the first 15 years of amphibian chytridiomycosis research
TY James, LF Toledo, D Rödder, D da Silva Leite, AM Belasen, ...
Ecology and Evolution 5 (18), 4079-4097, 2015
Amphibian‐killing chytrid in B razil comprises both locally endemic and globally expanding populations
TS Jenkinson, CM Betancourt Román, C Lambertini, A Valencia‐Aguilar, ...
Molecular ecology 25 (13), 2978-2996, 2016
Effects of feral cats on the evolution of anti-predator behaviours in island reptiles: insights from an ancient introduction
B Li, A Belasen, P Pafilis, P Bednekoff, J Foufopoulos
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1788), 20140339, 2014
Fine with heat, problems with water: microclimate alters water loss in a thermally adapted insular lizard
A Belasen, K Brock, B Li, D Chremou, E Valakos, P Pafilis, B Sinervo, ...
Oikos 126 (3), 447-457, 2017
Long-term habitat fragmentation is associated with reduced MHC IIB diversity and increased infections in amphibian hosts
AM Belasen, MC Bletz, DS Leite, LF Toledo, TY James
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 6, 236, 2019
Effect of Sub-Canopy on Habitat Selection in the Blue-spotted Salamander (Ambystoma laterale-jeffersonianum unisexual complex)
A Belasen, E Burkett, A Injaian, K Li, D Allen, I Perfecto
Copeia 2013 (2), 254-261, 2013
First record of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Pleurodema somuncurense, a Critically Endangered species from Argentina
ML Arellano, MA Velasco, FP Kacoliris, AM Belasen, TY James
Herpetological Review 48, 2017
Podarcis erhardii (Erhard’s wall lizard) bifurcated tail, post-autotomy
KM Brock, A Belasen, J Foufopoulos
Herpetological Review 45 (2), 332, 2014
High variability in infection mechanisms and host responses: A review of functional genomic studies of amphibian chytridiomycosis
KR Zamudio, CA McDonald, AM Belasen
Herpetologica, 2020
Chytrid Pathogen (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) in African Amphibians: A Continental Analysis of Occurrences and Modeling of Its Potential Distribution
BM Zimkus, V Baláž, AM Belasen, RC Bell, A Channing, J Doumbia, ...
Herpetologica, 2020
Treatment of adult Valcheta frogs Pleurodema somuncurense for chytrid fungus
ML Arellano, MA Velasco, T Martínez Aguirre, O Zarini, AM Belasen, ...
University of Cambridge. Department of Zoology. Conservation Evidence, 2018
Management strategy to avoid chytrid fungus infection in egg clutches of the Valcheta frog Pleurodema somuncurense
ML Arellano, MA Velasco, T Martínez Aguirre, O Zarini, AM Belasen, ...
University of cambridge, 2018
Thermal Ecology in Island Populations of Erhard's Wall Lizard, Podarcis erhardii
A Belasen
Geography, Host Genetics, and Cross-Domain Microbial Networks Structure the Skin Microbiome of Fragmented Brazilian Atlantic Forest Frog Populations
A Belasen, M Riolo, ML Lyra, F Toledo, T James
Authorea Preprints, 2020
The Impacts of Habitat Fragmentation on Amphibian Genetics and Health in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest Biodiversity Hotspot
A Belasen
Biotic and abiotic determinants of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis infections in amphibians of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
C Lambertini, CG Becker, AM Belasen, A Valencia-Aguilar, ...
Fungal Ecology 49, 100995, 0
Thermal ecology in the Aegean Wall Lizard (Podarcis erhardii): Microclimate may be more important than genetic impoverishment
A Belasen, B Li, D Chremou, E Valakos, P Pafilis, J Foufopoulos
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