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FAZA PET/CT hypoxia imaging in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck treated with radiotherapy: results from the DAHANCA 24 trial
LS Mortensen, J Johansen, J Kallehauge, H Primdahl, M Busk, P Lassen, ...
Radiotherapy and oncology 105 (1), 14-20, 2012
Development of a hypoxia gene expression classifier with predictive impact for hypoxic modification of radiotherapy in head and neck cancer
K Toustrup, BS Sørensen, M Nordsmark, M Busk, C Wiuf, J Alsner, ...
Cancer research 71 (17), 5923-5931, 2011
Gene expression classifier predicts for hypoxic modification of radiotherapy with nimorazole in squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck
K Toustrup, BS Sørensen, P Lassen, C Wiuf, J Alsner, J Overgaard
Radiotherapy and Oncology 102 (1), 122-129, 2012
In vitro RBE-LET dependence for multiple particle types
BS Sørensen, J Overgaard, N Bassler
Acta oncologica 50 (6), 757-762, 2011
Influence of oxygen concentration and pH on expression of hypoxia induced genes
BS Sørensen, J Hao, J Overgaard, H Vorum, B Honoré, J Alsner, ...
Radiotherapy and oncology 76 (2), 187-193, 2005
LET-painting increases tumour control probability in hypoxic tumours
N Bassler, J Toftegaard, A Lühr, BS Sørensen, E Scifoni, M Krämer, ...
Acta oncologica 53 (1), 25-32, 2014
Hyperthermia: the optimal treatment to overcome radiation resistant hypoxia
PB Elming, BS Sørensen, AL Oei, NAP Franken, J Crezee, J Overgaard, ...
Cancers 11 (1), 60, 2019
Radiosensitivity and effect of hypoxia in HPV positive head and neck cancer cells
BS Sørensen, M Busk, N Olthof, EJ Speel, MR Horsman, J Alsner, ...
Radiotherapy and oncology 108 (3), 500-505, 2013
“Radiobiology of Proton Therapy”: Results of an international expert workshop
A Lühr, C von Neubeck, J Pawelke, A Seidlitz, C Peitzsch, SM Bentzen, ...
Radiotherapy and Oncology 128 (1), 56-67, 2018
Hypoxia induced expression of endogenous markers in vitro is highly influenced by pH
BS Sørensen, J Alsner, J Overgaard, MR Horsman
Radiotherapy and oncology 83 (3), 362-366, 2007
Hypoxia gene expression signatures as prognostic and predictive markers in head and neck radiotherapy
K Toustrup, BS Sørensen, J Alsner, J Overgaard
Seminars in radiation oncology 22 (2), 119-127, 2012
Tumor hypoxia: impact on radiation therapy and molecular pathways
BS Sørensen, MR Horsman
Frontiers in oncology 10, 562, 2020
Identifying pH independent hypoxia induced genes in human squamous cell carcinomas in vitro
BS Sørensen, K Toustrup, MR Horsman, J Overgaard, J Alsner
Acta oncologica 49 (7), 895-905, 2010
Hypomethylation and increased expression of the putative oncogene ELMO3 are associated with lung cancer development and metastases formation
S Søes, IL Daugaard, BS Sørensen, A Carus, M Mattheisen, J Alsner, ...
Oncoscience 1 (5), 367, 2014
Relative biological effectiveness (RBE) and distal edge effects of proton radiation on early damage in vivo
BS Sørensen, N Bassler, S Nielsen, MR Horsman, L Grzanka, ...
Acta Oncologica 56 (11), 1387-1391, 2017
Dependence of cell survival on instantaneous dose rate of a linear accelerator
BS Sørensen, A Vestergaard, J Overgaard, LH Præstegaard
Radiotherapy and Oncology 101 (1), 223-225, 2011
Validation of a 15-gene hypoxia classifier in head and neck cancer for prospective use in clinical trials
K Toustrup, BS Sørensen, MAH Metwally, T Tramm, LS Mortensen, ...
Acta Oncologica 55 (9-10), 1091-1098, 2016
Antiproton radiotherapy
N Bassler, J Alsner, G Beyer, JJ DeMarco, M Doser, D Hajdukovic, ...
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Relative biological effectiveness of carbon ions for tumor control, acute skin damage and late radiation-induced fibrosis in a mouse model
BS Sørensen, MR Horsman, J Alsner, J Overgaard, M Durante, M Scholz, ...
Acta oncologica 54 (9), 1623-1630, 2015
Proteins upregulated by mild and severe hypoxia in squamous cell carcinomas in vitro identified by proteomics
BS Sørensen, MR Horsman, H Vorum, B Honoré, J Overgaard, J Alsner
Radiotherapy and Oncology 92 (3), 443-449, 2009
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