Roberto E. Di Paolo
Roberto E. Di Paolo
Centro de Química Estrutural, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
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Synthesis, structure, and photophysical characterization of blue-green luminescent zinc complexes containing 2-iminophenanthropyrrolyl ligands
CSB Gomes, PT Gomes, MT Duarte, RE Di Paolo, AL Macanita, ...
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Electric-field-induced redox potential shifts of tetraheme cytochromes c3 immobilized on self-assembled monolayers: Surface-enhanced resonance Raman spectroscopy and simulation …
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Syntheses and photophysical properties of new iminopyrrolyl boron complexes and their application in efficient single-layer non-doped OLEDs prepared by spin coating
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Luminescent Di‐and Trinuclear Boron Complexes Based on Aromatic Iminopyrrolyl Spacer Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization, and Application in OLEDs
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Photochemistry of the hemiketal form of anthocyanins and its potential role in plant protection from UV-B radiation
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Nanostructured donor/acceptor interfaces in photovoltaic cells using columnar-grain films of a cross-linked poly (fluorene-alt-bithiophene)
J Farinhas, Q Ferreira, RE Di Paolo, L Alcácer, J Morgado, A Charas
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Continuous wave waveguide laser at room temperature in -doped
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Photophysical properties of iminopyrrolyl boron complexes: A DFT interpretation
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Interaction between Poly(9,9-bis(6′-N,N,N-trimethylammonium)hexyl)fluorene phenylene) Bromide and DNA as Seen by Spectroscopy, Viscosity, and …
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Photodynamics of a PV trimer in high‐viscosity solvents and in pmma films: a new insight into energy transfer versus conformational relaxation in conjugated polymers
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Dalton Transactions 48 (35), 13337-13352, 2019
Picosecond Structural Relaxation of Abietic Acid Based Amine End Capped Para‐Phenylenevinylene Trimers in Solution
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AI Rodrigues, P Krishnamoorthy, CSB Gomes, N Carmona, RE Di Paolo, ...
Dalton Transactions 49 (29), 10185-10202, 2020
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