Andrew Stanley
Andrew Stanley
Research Scientist, Facebook Reality Labs (Oculus VR)
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Evaluation of tactile feedback methods for wrist rotation guidance
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Haptic jamming: A deformable geometry, variable stiffness tactile display using pneumatics and particle jamming
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Design and evaluation of duty-cycling steering algorithms for robotically-driven steerable needles
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Design of body-grounded tactile actuators for playback of human physical contact
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Closed-loop shape control of a haptic jamming deformable surface
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Perception of a haptic jamming display: Just noticeable differences in stiffness and geometry
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Mapping stiffness perception in the brain with an fMRI-compatible particle-jamming haptic interface
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Recreating the feel of the human chest in a CPR manikin via programmable pneumatic damping
AA Stanley, SK Healey, MR Maltese, KJ Kuchenbecker
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Spatiotemporal Haptic Effects from a Single Actuator via Spectral Control of Cutaneous Wave Propagation
B Dandu, Y Shao, A Stanley, Y Visell
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Integration of a particle jamming tactile display with a cable-driven parallel robot
AA Stanley, D Mayhew, R Irwin, AM Okamura
International Conference on Human Haptic Sensing and Touch Enabled Computer …, 2014
Methods, devices, and systems for creating localized haptic stimulations on a user
SJ Keller, TT Trutna, H Benko, R King, AA Stanley, M Di Luca
US Patent App. 16/241,900, 2019
Visual and touch interaction display
JC Gwilliam, AM Okamura, AA Stanley
US Patent 9,646,469, 2017
A haptic display for medical simulation using particle jamming
AA Stanley, JC Gwilliam, TN Judkins, AM Okamura
Proc. Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 20, 2013
Composable PFET fluidic device
SJ Keller, J Lindsay, S Turkyilmaz, TT Trutna, AA Stanley
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Cutting the Cord: Soft Haptic Devices without a Pressure Source
NS Usevitch, AA Stanley
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Fluidic switching devices
SJ Keller, J Lindsay, S Turkyilmaz, JM Lutian, TT Trutna, AA Stanley
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Haptic Jamming: Controllable Mechanical Properties in a Shape-changing User Interface
AA Stanley
Stanford University, 2016
Search Methods for Shape Control of a Particle Jamming Haptic Display
K Hata, S Schorr, A Stanley
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