Ji-Lei Li (李继磊)
Ji-Lei Li (李继磊)
Sonstige NamenJilei Li, J.L. Li, J. Li
Professor, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, China Academy of Sciences
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The collision between the Yili and Tarim blocks of the Southwestern Altaids: geochemical and age constraints of a leucogranite dike crosscutting the HP–LT metamorphic belt in …
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Uncovering and quantifying the subduction zone sulfur cycle from the slab perspective
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Fluid-mediated metal transport in subduction zones and its link to arc-related giant ore deposits: Constraints from a sulfide-bearing HP vein in lawsonite eclogite (Tianshan …
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A slab break-off model for the submarine volcanic-hosted iron mineralization in the Chinese Western Tianshan: Insights from Paleozoic subduction-related to post-collisional …
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Paleozoic subduction erosion involving accretionary wedge sediments in the South Tianshan Orogen: Evidence from geochronological and geochemical studies on eclogites and their …
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