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Finding deeply buried deposits using geochemistry
EM Cameron, SM Hamilton, MI Leybourne, GEM Hall, MB McClenaghan
Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis 4 (1), 7-32, 2004
Rare earth elements (REE) and yttrium in stream waters, stream sediments, and Fe–Mn oxyhydroxides: fractionation, speciation, and controls over REE+ Y patterns in the surface …
MI Leybourne, KH Johannesson
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 72 (24), 5962-5983, 2008
Rapid development of negative Ce anomalies in surface waters and contrasting REE patterns in groundwaters associated with Zn–Pb massive sulphide deposits
MI Leybourne, WD Goodfellow, DR Boyle, GM Hall
Applied Geochemistry 15 (6), 695-723, 2000
Subduction factory processes beneath the Guguan cross-chain, Mariana Arc: no role for sediments, are serpentinites important?
RJ Stern, E Kohut, SH Bloomer, M Leybourne, M Fouch, J Vervoort
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 151 (2), 202-221, 2006
Source, transport, and fate of rhenium, selenium, molybdenum, arsenic, and copper in groundwater associated with porphyry–Cu deposits, Atacama Desert, Chile
MI Leybourne, EM Cameron
Chemical Geology 247 (1-2), 208-228, 2008
Geochemistry, petrogenesis, and tectonic setting of lower Paleozoic alkalic and potassic volcanic rocks, Northern Canadian Cordilleran Miogeocline
WD Goodfellow, MP Cecile, MI Leybourne
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 32 (8), 1236-1254, 1995
Exploring for deeply covered mineral deposits: Formation of geochemical anomalies in northern Chile by earthquake-induced surface flooding of mineralized groundwaters
EM Cameron, MI Leybourne, DL Kelley
Geology 30 (11), 1007-1010, 2002
Supergene enrichment of copper deposits since the onset of modern hyperaridity in the Atacama Desert, Chile
M Reich, C Palacios, G Vargas, S Luo, EM Cameron, MI Leybourne, ...
Mineralium Deposita 44 (5), 497-504, 2009
Kimberlites and the start of plate tectonics
RJ Stern, MI Leybourne, T Tsujimori
Geology 44 (10), 799-802, 2016
Stable isotope geochemistry of ground and surface waters associated with undisturbed massive sulfide deposits; constraints on origin of waters and water–rock reactions
MI Leybourne, ID Clark, WD Goodfellow
Chemical Geology 231 (4), 300-325, 2006
Atacamite in the oxide zone of copper deposits in northern Chile: involvement of deep formation waters?
EM Cameron, MI Leybourne, C Palacios
Mineralium Deposita 42 (3), 205-218, 2007
Late Silurian bimodal volcanism of southwestern New Brunswick, Canada: Products of continental extension
NA Van Wagoner, MI Leybourne, KA Dadd, DK Baldwin, W McNeil
Geological Society of America Bulletin 114 (4), 400-418, 2002
Biological monitoring for carbon capture and storage–a review and potential future developments
RRP Noble, L Stalker, SA Wakelin, B Pejcic, MI Leybourne, AL Hortle, ...
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 10, 520-535, 2012
Distribution, mineralogy, and geochemistry of selenium in felsic volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposits of the Finlayson Lake district, Yukon Territory, Canada
D Layton-Matthews, JM Peter, SD Scott, MI Leybourne
Economic Geology 103 (1), 61-88, 2008
Mixing of magmas from enriched and depleted mantle sources in the northeast Pacific: West Valley segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge
BL Cousens, JF Allan, MI Leybourne, RL Chase, N Van Wagoner
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 120 (3), 337-357, 1995
Composition of groundwaters associated with porphyry-Cu deposits, Atacama Desert, Chile: elemental and isotopic constraints on water sources and water–rock reactions
MI Leybourne, EM Cameron
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 70 (7), 1616-1635, 2006
A new approach to laser-ablation inductively-coupled-plasma mass-spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) using the flexible map interrogation tool ‘Monocle’
JA Petrus, DM Chew, MI Leybourne, BS Kamber
Chemical Geology 463, 76-93, 2017
Atacamite formation by deep saline waters in copper deposits from the Atacama Desert, Chile: evidence from fluid inclusions, groundwater geochemistry, TEM, and 36Cl data
M Reich, C Palacios, MA Parada, U Fehn, EM Cameron, MI Leybourne, ...
Mineralium Deposita 43 (6), 663-675, 2008
Backarc rifting, constructional volcanism and nascent disorganised spreading in the southern Havre Trough backarc rifts (SW Pacific)
RJ Wysoczanski, E Todd, IC Wright, MI Leybourne, JM Hergt, C Adam, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 190 (1-2), 39-57, 2010
Evidence for adiabatic decompression melting in the Southern Mariana Arc from high-Mg lavas and melt inclusions
EJ Kohut, RJ Stern, AJR Kent, RL Nielsen, SH Bloomer, M Leybourne
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 152 (2), 201-221, 2006
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