Urszula Janas
Urszula Janas
Instytut Oceanografii, Uniwersytet Gdański
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Hypoxia in the Baltic Sea: Biogeochemical Cycles, Benthic Fauna, and Management
J Carstensen, DJ Conley, E Bonsdorff, BG Gustafsson, S Hietanen, U Janas, T ...
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Modelling macrofaunal biomass in relation to hypoxia and nutrient loading
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Seasonal and annual changes in the macrozoobenthic populations of the Gulf of Gdańsk with respect to hypoxia and hydrogen sulphide
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Significance of body size in sulphide detoxification in the Baltic clam Macoma balthica (Bivalvia, Tellinidae) in the Gulf of Gdansk
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The beachflea Platorchestia platensis (Kroyer, 1845): a new addition to the Polish fauna (with a key to Baltic talitrid amphipods)
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What is the diet of Palaemon elegans Rathke, 1837 (Crustacea, Decapoda), a non-indigenous species in the Gulf of Gdańsk (southern Baltic Sea)?
U Janas, A Baranska
Oceanologia 50 (2), 221-237, 2008
Turning off the DRIP (‘Data-rich, information-poor’)–rationalising monitoring with a focus on marine renewable energy developments and the benthos
TA Wilding, AB Gill, A Boon, E Sheehan, JC Dauvin, JP Pezy, F O’beirn, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 74, 848-859, 2017
Data integration for European marine biodiversity research: creating a database on benthos and plankton to study large-scale patterns and long-term changes
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The influence of hydrogen sulphide on macrofaunal biodiversity in the Gulf of Gdansk
U Janas, A Szaniawska
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Hemimysis anomala GO Sars, 1907 (Crustacea, Mysidacea)-first record in the Gulf of Gdańsk
U Janas, P Wysocki
Oceanologia 47 (3), 2005
First record oí Mnemiopsis leidyi A. Agassiz, 1865 in the Gulf of Gdansk (southern Baltic Sea)
U Janas, A Zgrundo
Aquatic Invasions 2 (4), 450-454, 2007
Assessing evidence for random assembly of marine benthic communities from regional species pools
PJ Somerfield, C Arvanitidis, S Faulwetter, G Chatzigeorgiou, ...
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Object-oriented classification of QuickBird data for mapping seagrass spatial structure
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The occurrence of medusae in the southern Baltic and their importance in the ecosystem, with special emphasis on Aurelia aurita
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Oceanologia 34, 1993
Body size and reproductive traits of Palaemon elegans Rathke, 1837 (Crustacea, Decapoda), a recent colonizer of the Baltic Sea
U Janas, A Mańkucka
Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies 39 (2), 3-24, 2010
Benthic non-indigenous species among indigenous species and their habitat preferences in Puck Bay (southern Baltic Sea)
U Janas, H Kendzierska
Oceanologia 56 (3), 603-628, 2014
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